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Somnolent “Manifestos” and Silly “New Ideas” (compared to the Bible)!

The Wall Street Journal has an insightful piece on "Evangelical Manifesto" here .

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Preterism Debate with Hank Hanegraaff

Order copies at of this excellent debate against preterism. Dr. Mark Hitchcock won with the Sword of Scripture!

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A Better Loneliness

I was reading today in my treasured old book written by a Scottish preacher, James S. Stewart, The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, and I had to pause when the author made an astute point about loneliness.

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Examining the Teachings of John Eldredge

  This post on the LTW blog here is an open letter to a church in TN after it was sent to a pastor there privately…In this letter a concerned Christian quotes from the book Sacred Romance and compares its teachings … Continue reading

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Answering A Preterist (Olivet Discourse)

  I recently received a letter from a preterist:     Dear Dwayna,       […] Please keep in mind that one thing preterists would stress, is that as Christians, we must realize that the New Testament is a … Continue reading

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