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The Gospel Oprah Winfrey is Promoting

Here are some quotes from the "Jesus" voice of A Course in Miracles (by M. Williamson), promoted by Oprah Winfrey: "There is no sin . . . " A "slain Christ has no meaning." "The journey to the cross should … Continue reading

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Willow Creek Hosts Soulforce

What happens when the word of God about homosexuality is greeted with hostility at an “evangelical” church, while open and unrepentant homosexuals are welcomed with open arms? On June 8,2008, a group called Soulforce visited Willow Creek Community Church (WCCC) … Continue reading

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Warning About Todd Bentley from Former Occultist

Here is an email I received tonight from a former New Ager on Todd Bentley: Dear Dwayna, I realize you reach many folks. I am so concerned for the church. This "prophet" is stating the Holy Spirit told him to … Continue reading

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Jesus and Muhammad’s Words, Actions, Teachings Contrasted

What motivates fundamental Muslims to violence? Much effort has gone into answering this. Muslim apologists are quick to point out Christians have also committed violence. Secularists suggest anybody who believes in God is prone to violence, conveniently ignoring the atheistic … Continue reading

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Certainty of Salvation for Faithful Moslems?

It’s no accident that radical Islam is responsible for much of the world-wide terrorism and warfare, both now and historically. This is largely because radical Islam isn’t radical at all, but mainstream, Koran-faithful and Mohammed-faithful Islam.   “The sword,” says … Continue reading

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Todd Gets “Knighted”

Well, Todd Bentley got knighted by all the false prophets. Here’s a report of the evil celebrations in the name of Jesus. Scroll down for the links to watch the whole thing on YouTube:

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Occult Revival: Todd Bentley

The testimony given in this video is akin to testimonies of "Jesus" and "love" at Venice Beach from people who don’t even claim to be Christian. In talking to New Age healers at the satanic Venice Beach, you will hear … Continue reading

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The God-Alone Hypothesis

Occam, a medieval scholastic monk, determined that the simplest theory is the best one. His reasoning has famously become know as “Occam’s razor.” Why is the simplest theory preferred? Because it explains the most with the fewest, wild leaps of … Continue reading

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