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Overview of Hebrew Roots Movement

The Hebrew Roots Movement – An Overview Following is an overview of the Hebrew Roots Movement from a New Covenant perspective. The Hebrew Roots Movement is the present-day version of "Law Keepers" that Paul corrected in several letters to Christians … Continue reading

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Kicking the Kingdom into High Gear

"God has His hand on America to bring our nation back into its proper alignment. A major key to making this happen is the formation of the U.S. Apostolic Alliance. Few have the clear, practical vision and the passion for … Continue reading

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Who’s Guiding the Olympic Vision?

This article deals with the history and globalist purpose of the Olympics – a reminder of its aims to stir the imagination and instill an interfaith worldview in the minds of viewers. Working with the world leaders such as Kissinger, … Continue reading

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Abraham didn’t exist?

Abraham didn’t exist? Moses a myth? Archeological and historical evidence of Biblical accuracy ‘The Bible’s Buried Secrets,’ a PBS documentary to be aired in November, seems designed to undermine the Bible. Not only does it demote Abraham and his descendants … Continue reading

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Jesus NOT Yoga

What is Om ("A-U-M")? This tract exposing the dangers of yoga explains the meaning of the yoga positions and its Hindu roots to unequivocally differentiate between Christianity and Eastern religions. We make this brochure exposing yoga available in all of … Continue reading

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Chew the Meat; Spit Out the Bones

We were astonished when we first heard this statement. In all of our 50-plus years we had never encountered this phrase before. It immediately conjured up graphic images of sharp teeth roughly biting off and devouring a tough piece of … Continue reading

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What Language Do You Speak?

Our spoken and written language is the most important aspect of our culture and identity as a people. In 1997 The Summer Institute of Linguistics noted that the Bible had been translated into 2,197 languages. The Ethnologue Institute has a … Continue reading

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The Non-Seeker Friendly Truth of the Bible

(Tim Keller is senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church NYC. Daniel Mann makes some important points in this pertinent piece. Compare Tim’s seeker-friendly approach to astute, biblical commentary by Henry Morris on evangelism based on the Genesis creation account here .) … Continue reading

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Witnessing at Todd Bentley Event

Partnering with LTW, a team led by Jackie Alnor decided to set up a table outside of one of Todd Bentley’s speaking engagement’s in Los Angeles to warn Christians and non-Christians about counterfeit spirits and make a stand for the … Continue reading

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“Enlightened Selfishness”

Have you heard about “enlightened selfishness?” It’s the atheistic equivalent of living by God-given moral absolutes. It seems to be the rage on the NYU campus. When I ask the students if they believe in moral absolutes like “genocide and … Continue reading

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