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“God kinda got a hold of my heart, man.” (New Lingo With New Pastors)

Below is an excerpt from a recent blog post by Mark Driscoll. (His venue, The Resurgence, is gaining popularity.) Of course, he is dressed in jeans for the "new Christians" who are tired of the old ways, as well as … Continue reading

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Leaving the Bible Out of New “Evangelicalism”

This is what is known as the "social gospel" or "missional movement." It is spearheaded by "Leadership Network", based on the ideas of the late Peter Drucker (Rick Warren’s mentor) introducing Madison Avenue techniques to pastors for marketing Christianity. As … Continue reading

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In Good Conscience (Physical and Demoralizing Dangers of Antidepressants)

As a Christian who believes that all people are responsible for their actions (like the Bible teaches) I applaud Toxic Psychiatry written by Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist who does not claim to be a Christian from what I have read … Continue reading

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Witnessing at the Cloisters

I walked in another gray room, and I noticed a female security guard off to the side. Reminded that we are supposed to speak “according to the need of the moment,” (Ephesians 4:29) and not just speak inappropriately I prayed … Continue reading

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The Bilderberg Group (and American Deism)

In 1954, the most powerful men in the world met for the first time under the auspices of the Dutch royal crown and the Rockefeller family at the luxurious Hotel Bilderberg in the small Dutch town of Oosterbeck. For an … Continue reading

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“Faith Walking”: No Carefree Romp Through the Roses

It’s when we are struggling with weaknesses and infirmities, that we become spiritually strong: But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more … Continue reading

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Our Difficult Life in Jesus: Highly Underrated in the Church Today

The lost world would laugh at me, but I am encouraged as I write about this. I went to the post office today to get a big stack of mail and opened some newsletter from a ministry, which usually does … Continue reading

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Quoting Brennan Manning

Brennan Manning advocates calling God "mother" as an endorser of "Christian feminism." I used to enjoy reading his book, Abba’s Child, until I found out that he proliferates the the confusing oxymoron of "evangelical feminism" and the heresy of calling God … Continue reading

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Bowing Down to Images of Christ?

Go to the LTW web site here for more commentary and Bible verses against bowing down to images of Christ compiled by Christian artist, Matthew Lankford.

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Menace of the Religious Movie

Chapter 1 Why We Must Think Rightly About God: Wrong ideas about God are not only the fountain from which the polluted waters of idolatry flow; they are themselves idolatrous. The idolater simply imagines things about God and acts as … Continue reading

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