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Mystical Lewis

Words to Live By A Guide for the Merely Christian By C.S. Lewis and Edited by Paul F. Ford   An evaluation of the words of C.S. Lewis [Part 2]   By Charisse Graves              Part 1 of my evaluation … Continue reading

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Guadalajara, Mexico

We have a new partnership in missions in Guadalajara, Mexico with Josef and Lina Urban. We purchased more tracts from Randy Alcorn on Heaven in Spanish [ ]to add to the tracts by Mike Gendron in Spanish [ … Continue reading

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The Jung Cult

(Quotes from The Jung Cult by Richard Noll) Jung believed he was a god. “Psychoanalysis became the new salvation of the world…Jung’s interest in spiritualism gave him ample experience of how one may deliberately enter a dissociative state or trance … Continue reading

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Tim Keller on Homosexuality

Tim Keller on preaching about homosexuality: “Ummmm… it’s just… it’s just think about… you know… you know…”

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Troublesome Teachings of Tim Keller and Redeemer Pres.

I hate to report these links, but I get emails in daily from people who are confused about this popular pastor’s teachings which are contradicting the Bible…

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“Why I Am Not Emerging…”

Don’t miss this brief response to the emergent church by Pastor James MacDonald here.

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Did C.S. Lewis Go to Heaven?

Read “Did C.S. Lewis go to Heaven?” here as his beliefs are brought to light. The author of the article makes some good points. I guess I never stopped to think that C.S. Lewis was no evangelical and did not … Continue reading

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The Law of Christ

Read this excellent post from Joyfully Growing in Grace HERE. The post gives tips on answering “Law Keepers” with the Law of Christ in grace.

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The Philippines

For more information and photos about our LTW campus table outreach in partnership with Good Shepherd Baptist Mission in the Philippines, please go to the LTW blog here Watch “The Lord’s Prayer” video for photos of orphans in the Philippines … Continue reading

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