Boulder, CO – “Free Thinking in Boulder” (Isaiah 1:18)

God burdened Dwayna to start a street ministry of apologetics to the people of Boulder, CO in August of 2005.


Here is how it came about:

A Burden for Boulder

LTW to Boulder, CO

Here are photos of the ministry in action:

Pictures from Pearl Street

Dave Hawkins currently leads this outreach with a team of Christians on Pearl Street. We are happy to be working with Shepherd’s Community Church in Louisville. In this outreach location we have materials specifically for Buddhists, witches, Satanists, New Agers, Hindus, agnostics and atheists. We have books like ‘The Light That Was Dark,’ which we make available free of charge to anyone involved in occult spirituality—a testimony of a man who left New Age meditation to come to faith in Jesus. We also have tracts like “The Occult Nightmare” and sermons on CD from Dr. Walter Martin such as “Transcendental Meditation” and what the Bible warns about demonic activity. All tracts, CDs, DVDs, books and Bibles are free of charge at this unique outreach of evangelism based on apologetics on Pearl Street where we have a sign reading “Free Thinking” to invite people over to think with us about how the Bible answers life’s questions and to discuss why Jesus is a Savior like no other.

Read latest updates here

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