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The LTW booth is located on Ocean Front Walk in tourist-oriented Venice Beach, California. This unique location offers a global reach, as people stroll the Ocean Front Walk from around the world. Stretching the entire length of Venice Beach, from Santa Monica to Marina del Rey, Ocean Front Walk is a spiritual smorgasbord of psychics, tarot card readers, healers, mystics, Atheists United, Black Moslems, Hindus, and Buddhists.  And, surprisingly, LTW has the only Christian booth on Ocean Front Walk.


The LTW booth has a sign that reads, “Come find out what God has to say about your future- for free!” Free handouts are available pertaining to every religion and belief system. Bibles, books, CDs, tracts and tapes in several languages are available to anyone interested at no charge. These resources provide Biblical answers for objections to Christianity. Curious people visit the booth to talk about issues in their lives, ask for prayer and voice questions about the Bible. We stock an alphabetized file bin of apologetic answers to Biblically challenge our postmodern culture. No solicitations have ever been made for financial support, even initially, since the ministry began in 2002. Yet the Lord continues to supply the needs of this full-time ministry through His people giving voluntarily, as He so desires, by the Holy Spirit prompting certain individuals and churches to partner with us without being asked.


A psychic friend who took a copy of Running Against the Wind

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