“Walkin in the Light” CD Released to Bring Hope to Victims of Tragedies

Written and produced to inspire victims of horrific tragedies and crimes against humanity, Litz Music makes music available free of charge to such victims.

Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY, July 17, 2014 –Recording artist and songwriter, Dwayna Litz releases “Walkin in the Light,” to inspire victims across the United States traumatized by horrific tragedies and crimes against humanity. In the month of celebrating our nation’s 238th independence day, there isn’t a better time than now to acknowledge the survivors of tragedies large or small; whether a school shooting, bombings, the stabbing of young innocent children, or the loss of a loved one who befell an innocent crime.Victims of Tragedies, Walkin in the Light, Boston Marathon Bombing

Originally written for the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and for parents who lost children in school shootings, “Walkin in the Light” is an inspirational song about overcoming darkness that life evokes when such tragedies are experienced. The lyrics illuminate the better choice; to walk in the light rejoicing in forgiveness and faith.

Through the distribution of “Walkin in the Light” via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, SoundCloud or anywhere digital downloads are found, Litz’s mission is to raise recurring funds, all of which benefit victims of such tragedies. In keeping with her non-profit outreaches and through her music, Litz hopes to impact victims of these tragedies with hope for a brighter future.

Recorded at Dubway Studios in New York City, “Walkin in the Light” credits Stephen Schappler, Recording Engineer, Barry Hartglass, Mixer, and co-producer and vocalist Kati Mac. Also credited are musicians Peter Calo, Jon Cobert, Seth Glassman, as well as Mac and Calo for their dedicated attention to musical arrangement and endless hours of editing. “Walkin in the Light” is published by Litz Music (ASCAP) and Baby Munsta Music (BMI).

“Walkin in the Light” is available free of charge to any victims of tragedies or crimes against humanity. Litz welcomes the opportunity to personally engage with such victims to bring hope to their lives, or with organizations or corporations that support same initiatives. To request a free CD or to learn more about Dwayna Litz, please go to www.dwaynalitz.com.

About Dwayna Litz
Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Dwayna Litz began singing hymns before she could plainly talk. As a child and teen, she traveled the world as a soloist singing gospel hymns. At the age of seventeen, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a career in country music as a singer and songwriter.  Her first cut as a songwriter was on Patti LaBelle’s Grammy nominated “Flame” album, co-writing and recording “Let Me Be There for You.” She then had several production deals and publishing contracts with producers affiliated with Arista and Warner Brothers. Ensuing years landed Litz in Los Angeles, California where she founded Lighting the Way, a non-profit that brings hope to those in need of clothes, food, music and love. Today, Lighting the Way has spread across the country to New York City. Through her production company in Manhattan, Litz Music, she also writes songs licensed for film and television.


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