LTW has an outreach based on apologetics in Asheville, NC. It did not take long to discover why Asheville is known as “The Boulder of the South.” We set up our witnessing cart alongside tarot card readers, psychics and “dancing rocks” in the market square. Our book ‘The Light that Was Dark,’ by Warren Smith, seems to be the favorite—it is the true story of a well-meaning man who was following a light that he thought was God but found out his spirituality was demonic in nature. In this spiritual fantasyland of witchcraft and psychic phenomena, we offer Bibles and other materials for free to witches, goddess worshipers, Buddhists, Hindus, Catholics and atheists as we invite them to our “Free Thinking” table. We also use the same sign we began using at Venice Beach reading “Come Find Out What God has to Say About Your Future for Free,” as we answer questions based on what the Bible teaches about this life and all of eternity and how to be saved through the Gospel. Needless to say, there is never a dull moment in this exciting mission field, loving people from all walks of life and telling them about Jesus with the only Christian outreach in downtown Ashville.

First time setting up in Asheville

Photos of our Asheville Outreach in Action

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