Atlanta (Marietta Square)

In addition to our evangelism at Little Five Points, amidst Hare Krishna parades and psychics, the team has begun setting up at night at Marietta Square. We are partnering with First Baptist Atlanta. John Rosser leads a strong team of Christians who know apologetics. Since Atlanta is an ever-growing melting pot culturally, this outreach has become yet another ministry location with an international scope.

People are drawn over to our table after seeing the banner reading “A Free Gift for You” and are offered anything on the table for free. The table is just a conversation starter, as our team of Christians love talking with people in-depth about the Gospel and why we believe in Jesus as Savior. They set up about once a month on Saturday nights. God always keeps them busy with riveting conversations with people from all over the world about who Jesus is and what the Bible says about how to be saved.

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