Boulder, CO – “Free Thinking in Boulder” (Isaiah 1:18)

As a ministry of evangelism based on apologetics, we have a new team in Boulder to reach the people on Pearl Street. There is no greater place to shine a light for God’s glory, as we have a banner inviting people over reading “A Free Gift for You,”  along with a sign reading “Free Thinking” on one side and “Free Love” on the other.

In this outreach location we have materials specifically for any people group, just down from the Christian Science Reading Room on Pearl Street and not far from Naropa Buddhist University. We are praying to reach all people from Satanists, Buddhists, witches, and New Agers to Hindus, Muslims, agnostics and atheists with books like The Light That Was Dark for New Agers and booklets like Why Believe the Bible by John Blanchard for atheists and Be Still and Know That You Are Not God for Buddhists, witches and anyone involved in occult spirituality. We also offer sermons on CD from Dr. Walter Martin such as “Transcendental Meditation” on what the Bible warns about demonic activity.

At this outreach (which Dwayna began in 2006) all materials are free of charge as we invite people over to think with us about how the Bible answers life’s questions and to discuss why Jesus is a Savior like no other.

A Burden for Boulder

LTW to Boulder, CO

More photos of our outreach on Pearl Street through the years are posted here.

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