Cabo San Lucas, MX

LTW Table Outreach Begins in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Lighting the Way has begun partnering with Calvary Chapel Safe Harbor Church in Cabo San Lucas, MX, in missions. Here are links to the blog posts about how the ministry of evangelism based on apologetics began in Cabo San Lucas.

First day of outreach in Cabo

Second day of outreach in Cabo

More about ministry at Calvary Chapel Safe Harbor Church in Cabo San Lucas

Our friend, Jackie Price (wife of Pastor Garrie Price at Calvary Chapel Safe Harbor), prayed for Mexican Christians to do the outreach with her as she explained that it would be easier with the legalities of permits to do it with at least one Mexican native (as opposed to all of the native Americans living in Cabo). LTW sent her a banner reading “A Free Gift for You” in Spanish for the table to draw the people to our outreach. LTW purchased the supplies and shipped over boxes of tracts, books and various evangelistic resources in Spanish, and Calvary Chapel Safe Harbor provided the Bibles. Jackie printed nice invitations to their church, and God answered prayer for the outreach to take off! We thank God for this new outreach location where both locals and tourists frequent in Cabo San Lucas.

Photos of the Cabo San Lucas outreach in action

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