Eckhart Tolle’s Book Sells Millions Through Oprah

Read Eckhart Tolle’s Book Sells by the Millions Through Oprah by Ingrid Schlueter to further expound on Oprah’s New Age spirituality and promotion of occult spirituality.

…When Neale Donald Walsch, bestselling New Age author, was with me in the Crosstalk studio 4 years ago, he told me that he had just recorded two back-to-back interviews for Oprah. Oddly, she refused to air them. After calling and calling to find out why, Oprah’s producers told him that according to Oprah, the world was not “ready” for his teachings.

As I said last week, the world is ready now. Expect something from Walsch soon on Oprah, perhaps even the original interviews. I had heard a tape of a Walsch seminar out in Idaho prior to my interview. Walsch had said that he really hoped Oprah Winfrey would be President some day because of her New Spirituality leanings.

As Walsch left the studio that day, I made mention of Oprah and the political scene. “It would be interesting to see Oprah pushed forward for political leadership,” I said. He turned around to face me and said, “That is a most interesting comment.”

Four years later, I watched as Oprah Winfrey introduced Barack Obama to a screaming audience. Oprah would make a very powerful figure in a cabinet level position for the Department of Peace that has been so promoted by her friends, including Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Read about it here.

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