First Day of Ministry in NYC

Thank you for your prayers.

It could not have gone better or more smoothly. God brought many people over, and it was a glorious first day of ministry in NYC. It is always amazing to see God bringing over hungry people to take a sermon, a Bible, a tract, and talk about Jesus in environments where people warn me, “ a street ministry won’t go over here. It won’t work.”

It won’t, but He will!

He is seeking after people everywhere. Yes, even here in NYC! What a Savior! The street ministry would never work in such dark places if it were not for Jesus and the power of His Spirit at work to redeem sinners for His glory all around the world….

The drive over was very easy, and the parking garage was still a blessing, though it had gone up a couple of dollars since early spring. It is now 13.56 for 12 hours if I get there before 10:00. It was an even $15.00, tax included, for all day. That is excellent for NYC where most parking is 15.00 an hour alongside Central Park and 50.00 a day!

I drove back home with no problem, and now I am off to bed to finish hearing an excellent sermon by John MacArthur about how much God loves Israel and His covenant with them. This is going to be a great summer in ministry!

I worked today with Doug Pyle from Chosen People Ministries and 50 Christians from First Baptist Peachtree City, GA.

In the joy of serving Him,


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