Lighting the Way Worldwide partners with the evangelical Europen organization “A Bible for Everyone” for an outreach in France.

Lighting the Way has shipped over Bibles in English for the outreach to be used in addition to the Bibles in French. LTW has also sent articles for atheists, which have been translated into French, and the team is asking the local government in France for permission to add materials on the outreach table other than just Bibles. We have evangelistic materials specifically for atheists, Catholics and Muslims for the France team. It is very rare for any evangelism to be done in Europe. We are privileged to do evangelism in France.

Summaries and photos for the France outreach location are posted on the ministry blog regularly at and also on the FB page for “Lighting the Way Worldwide.”


IMAG0344 MD000164 MD000166

Photos of our table outreach in France

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