Louisiana State Penitentiary
Angola Rodeo

Wayne Guidry led our first table outreach at Louisiana State Penitentiary at the Angola Spring Rodeo in 2011. Plans are for us to have a table outreach of evangelism at all the annual rodeos, as tables are set up by the inmates to sell crafts and art. Our table makes evangelistic resources about Jesus available to the inmates and tourists for free, with a focus on reaching children, Catholics, Moslems and atheists.

Wayne got saved after becoming an inmate, and it was his idea to lead the outreach of evangelism at the spring rodeo to let others know what Jesus has done in his life. Like Jesus died and was raised to everlasting life, He gives people newness of life–every bit as much of a miracle as the resurrection!

“This mountain was destined to be a place of sacrifice. Did you know that the death of the Savior occurred on the same mountain where Abraham was led by God to sacrifice his only son? (See Genesis 22)  Do you think all of this happened by chance? No! It’s all a part of the plan of grace from the hands of a holy and loving God. There are three crosses. Originally the crosses were for three thieves–the two thieves whom now we know were crucified, and Barabbas. Jesus’ cross was Barabbas’ cross. Jesus died in his place. Jesus died in your place and in my place, the Just for the unjust.”

[Adrian Rogers,
Why the Cross?]

More photos of the rodeo



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