LTW in Church – Minnesota

Lighting the Way in Church is an outreach to Christians, to people who go to church, led by a deacon or elder,  as an outreach against heresy, contemplative prayer and occult practices coming into the nominal church under the guise of Christianity. Our latest location is a church in MN, as one of the elders there used to be the leader for our Boulder outreach and really knows the Bible. His wife is talking to the women, as they are sharing materials such as these pictured with the leadership. These Lighting the Way materials based on apologetics expose the true teachings of pseudo Christian books and movements that are not biblically sound. They teach the difference between judging truth from error (which we are commanded to do in the Bible in order to know right from wrong) vs. being judgmental in a sinful way.

The “seeker friendly movement” within churches in America got off the ground in the 21st Century  with a desire for pastors to have megachurches at the expense of hymns and sermons with a pure and simple Gospel message warning about hell to those who are not saved, among other errors such as the promotion of mysticism. This “feel good movement” is designed to make the world so comfortable within the church, that the pastors are now being taught to leave out anything in the Bible that people would not want to hear. This is not what the Bible teaches, and so the people attending such churches are misled on what it means to be a Christian.

Books on channeling, such as ‘Jesus Calling,’ are now deemed biblical by many, all because the mainstream, nominal Christian publishers are peddling such books about an occult “Jesus” as sound. Another example is ‘The Shack,’ which is a book about forgiveness, which is good, but it portrays God as a “black Madonna” who He is not. Mixing light with darkness can be deceiving, as there is just enough truth in it to mask the error when Bible verses are taken out of context, etc. This LTW outreach helps leaders in churches draw the line of demarcation between truth and error within their church congregation, as a ministry of free materials for Christians.

“LTW in Church” equips Christians to stand against unsound books and unsound “Bible studies” and even disrespectful “Bible translations” like the slang found in the sacred Lord’s Prayer in ‘The Message’ so-called translation. We send out materials that can teach leaders within the church the difference— as we light the way these days inside the Protestant churches in America, as well as at our worldwide table outreach locations outside of the church. As always, all materials are free to the Christians who need them in this new LTW in Church outreach in MN.

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