LTW to Boulder, CO

I flew into Denver this weekend to meet my friends, Mike and Jane Gendron (, at a conference. My friend, Leah, and I decided to leave early and prayer walk Boulder, “the Berkeley of Colorado”, asking God if He would have us (or let us!) start a street ministry of apologetics there. We prayed for God to give us a specific idea for a ministry there as we walked up and down Pearl Street. (The place is just as satanic as Venice Beach, just a little more “intellectual” in ambience).

Well, as sure as the postmodern world needs answers, God gave us an idea! We will call it Free Thinking in Boulder and put a velvet cloth on the ground with Bibles and tapes by people such as Walter Martin on a plethora of apologetic topics. Maybe we will have apologetic videos such as Unlocking the Mystery of Life, too, available and resources from Spiritual Counterfeits Project and testimonies from people like my friend, Rabi Maharaj, who once was a Guru in India and is now a Christian with a ministry of apologetics. We could have the apologetic file bins of articles on both sides of the Bibles, tracts, and resources on display on the velvet blanket on the ground. (The people there like to sit on the ground). The sign could be displayed on an easel on the ground. Maybe we will have a CD of Fernando Ortega singing his guitar led rendition of Give Me Jesus playing in the background from a CD boom box. Just to give an answer for the hope that lies within us. Just to defend the name of Jesus to the people like I saw there tonight walking in darkness–just to invite them to sit down and think with us for free! A few people have already come to mind to facilitate the booth, and I plan to meet them tomorrow at Leah’s church. More information and pictures of this mission field will follow soon…

Please pray about this new outreach. Pray for laborers. This excites me to no end.

I delight to do Your will, O my God. (Psalm 40:8)


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