One Big Happy “Family” in Washington

Why am I surprised to find that Hillary also attends the National Prayer Breakfast with the "Fellowship" or "Family" of dominionism in Washington? One of our prayer partners writes:

"What’s next? A Barney Frank small group Bible study at The Family homestead?"

See "Hillary’s Nasty Pastorate" here. The following are excerpts:

…through all of her years in Washington, Clinton has been an active participant in conservative Bible study and prayer circles that are part of a secretive Capitol Hill group known as the "Fellowship," aka "The Family."

…Sharlet generously attributes Clinton’s involvement to the underappreciated depth of her religiosity, but he himself struggles to define the Family’s theological underpinnings. The Family avoids the word Christian but worship Jesus, though not the Jesus who promised the earth to the "meek." They believe that, in mass societies, it’s only the elites who matter, the political leaders who can build God’s "dominion" on earth. Insofar as the Family has a consistent philosophy, it’s all about power — cultivating it, building it, and networking it together into ever-stronger units, or "cells." "We work with power where we can," Doug Coe has said, and "build new power where we can’t."

Obama has given a beautiful speech on race and his affiliation with the Trinity Unity Church of Christ. Now it’s up to Clinton to explain — or, better yet, renounce — her longstanding connection with the fascist-leaning Family.

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