This ministry of apologetics in the North Yorkshire part of England has a focus on reaching recusant Catholics, atheists, and New Agers. Lighting the Way International is privileged to partner with William and the team at Ryedale Evangelical Church in resources, including tracts for Catholics, copies of The Light That Was Dark (book by Warren Smith to give to people practicing occult spirituality), tracts warning of the meaning of the yoga positions and yoga meditations, and tracts for Buddhists debunking karma.

Here is how the outreach began back in 2009:



When Ministry First Began…

Recent Photos

(God bless Pastor William and Ryedale Evangelical as they have been doing the outreach faithfully ever since 2009, rotating a variety of banners for the ministry depending on the occasion).

For more touching photos of this outreach in action, please follow Pastor William’s Flickr page HERE

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