Reality Show of Demons in Church

No Need for Horror Films With "Church Services" Like This!

Now Rodney Howard-Browne is at it again, not wanting to be upstaged by Todd Bentley. Here’s a YouTube clip of him, which is the most demonic display I have ever witnessed in the poor souls who have come to church for a "filling." They definitely got possessed, as the video shows, but the spirit possessing them is far from holy.

(Note: Rodney Howard-Browne used to be a lot heavier when the "Holy Laughter" movement first began with the "Toronto Blessing." This is a recent video of him after gastric bypass surgery).

See "Church on Fire" here:

I have never seen anything close to this evil in action at Venice Beach, where astral projection is practiced, levitations are witnessed and appiritions of "Jesus" appear to psychics on a regular basis. Note how the demons in the video answer to a demonic "jesus."

There is more than one Jesus being preached (2 Corinthians 11:4). There is "another Jesus" who has no part of Jesus of Nazareth, Second Person of the Trinity.

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