Richard Foster, Spiritual Formation and “Centering Down”

James Sundquist sent us his research in concision for this archive on the author and speaker, Richard Foster. This is another topic for Christians, as Richard Foster is a very popular Christian author, featured in many church book parlors. Why the concern? We are called in the Bible, to "examine all things carefully" in light of Scripture, not popular fads within nominial Christianity. The following compilation exposes teachings from Foster and affiliations which contradict what the Bible teaches in the light of God’s Word. (For more information augmenting the teachings of Richard Foster as extra-biblical at best, please peruse the "Contemplative Prayer" category in this archive of Articles.)

From James Sundquist:

Here is my expose on Contemplative Prayer:

Here are my two exposes on Richard Foster (whom Beth Moore promotes):

"Spiritual Formation"/Richard Foster…
Blog post on Richard Foster and comments

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