Satanism and the Hebrew Roots

A surprising number of “remnant” (as they call themselves) “believers” in the Hebrew Roots Movement are being led to believe that “Jesus” is a pagan name. Many teach that “we have all been taught wrong” and that the “New Testament” and the “church” are not reliable. This is, of course, due to “God” (another pagan name, so they say) not being able to guard His “Writings”, as they put it, down through the ages, allowing believers in the “Bible” (the word “Bible” is another pagan word) to be led astray. The goal seems to be to unlock the conspiratorial mysteries hidden by “evil” pastors and “duped” churches in order to stay away from “Christianized” schemes of Satan such as traditional interpretations of the Bible.

The audience shares a bizarre concentrated, studious fascination for the “wicked realm of the occult”, which is defined by this sect as the (misinterpreted) Bible and the whole Christian culture. It would be far too anti-intellectual to even merit a response to these ludicrous claims except that these study groups target authentic, church-going Christians who love the Jews and Israel with the aim of painting satanic “secrets” as God’s Truth. Their attempt, most often unknowingly, is to confuse God’s elect away from the Holy Spirit into bondage of the occult. It is a crafty agenda, as Satan makes “Christians” believe they are following “Jesus” when they are following Satan.

It is a privilege to make a stand for my precious Lord and Savior and His Word, amidst this satanic onslaught of error in the name of “Yeshua.” People are truly victims of Satan, and I write this with the prayer that even the leaders of this neo-“messianic” Gnosticsm will be set free from such demonic “enlightenment.”

The sad irony is that these seekers who are so desperately trying to avoid paganism are involved in the occult, all the while believing they have “been chosen” to escape it. The satanic spirits they are supposedly avoiding have in fact twisted the Scriptures to ensnarl them with an overt attack on everything Satan hates: God, the Father; God, the Son; God the Holy Spirit; God’s Word, and God’s people. Authors such as Lew White, with his independent “Strawberry Islands Publishing”, use Scripture verses to do a little more than just suggest that the “church” lies in the “domain of the evil one.” His movement called “Fossilized Customs” recommends the following “ministries” and materials:

Hendrickson’s Interlinear Hebrew-Aramaic-Greek-English B-ble (purposely not spelling “Bible”, for it is a pagan word they purport); Come Out of Her My People by Chris J. Koster (Lew White writes that “Brother Chris fell asleep in the spring about 5 years ago”, page 66; Lew White’s book Fossilized Customs teaches that Christians do not go to heaven when they die, pp. 41-42); Search the Scriptures ; Yahweh’s New Covenant Assembly Light Magazine: ; Assemblies of Yahweh ; Peter Tikvah;; Israel: 12 tribes! ; Gates of Eden, Daniel Botkin;;;;

An honest examination of what Lew White teaches in his eccentric book only serves to prove that Lew is the one who is disseminating occult doctrines not “Sun-day” worshiping pastors and the triune God he vilifies in Fossilized Customs.

The “Next Level”

“Are you ready to go to the next level?” Lew White asks on page 3. Do readers not realize that Gnosticism is elite, enlightened, occult knowledge? Whenever a teacher speaks about secrets or “the next level” it is akin to the realm of Satan. Gnostic means “gnosis” and stands for enlightened knowledge. No wonder Lew White references the “scrolls of Enoch” on page 20 of his book. He is teaching the occult. Enoch is a book referenced and revered by esoteric religions such as Rosicrucianism, Kabbalah, and Freemasonry. [See “The Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings: The New Atlantis”; Antiquities Research Films].

Lew White is also committing the Gnostic sin of teaching Satanism while saying it is God (or “Yahushuah”, the name he “prefers” on page 17 of his book). Lew confuses Satan with God and God with Satan, and we are reminded in the Bible, and in observation of the occult, that this is the work of Satan not God! We are warned about this strategic twist throughout Scripture, including Isaiah 5:20 and 1 Corinthians 10:20-21. Lew White is perverting the meaning of Bible verses and names of God to give them an opposite meaning. That is the work of demons. His readers obviously don’t know much about the realm of the occult, or they would see this is truly so textbook it is elementary in the study of wiles from the same old, lying adversary. It is just another fabrication of “you are gods”.

We are forewarned to test the spirits (1 John 4), for there is more than one “Yeshua” being taught (2 Cor. 11:4)!

[Jesus was not called “Yeshua” once in the original texts of the Old Testament or New. I will write more on that in a forthcoming article.]

Lew writes “a small child can understand the secret that is locked in the Scriptures.” He wants to make the truth available to the “average person.” He writes “a little flock has always held on to the true faith delivered to those set apart.” (page 2, Fossilized Customs).

Actually, cults believe they have the truth that no one else has found. It is cultic and satanic to have “hidden” knowledge. Since these “Israelites” love to study words, it is imperative for them to remember that the word “occult” means “hidden.” 2 Cor. 4:2-4 says that we “renounce the HIDDEN things.” People of the Lord don’t want or have anything “hidden.” We are not people of secrets. I will document more quotes from Lew White’s book Fossilized Customs to show that this spirit is opposed to the Holy Spirit in the following excerpts.

Lew writes: “This book will restore names and other words to the more accurate sound for their originals. Letters in any language are symbols for sounds.” (p. 4).

That “sounds” just like what the Kabbalah teaches! In pop Kabbalah, “words” are powerful as Hebrew words are studied or simply sounded over and over or stared at for “secret knowledge.”The Kabbalah Centre openly teaches the esoteric power of Hebrew words. They also teach that people do not die and go to heaven—at least not the “heaven” the Bible describes (John 14). Lew White teaches a gospel of life after death similar to the pop-Kabbalists:

“We were created to be companions to [unpronounceable Hebrew word for God] and rule the universe with Him…we will become spatial beings, able to interact with the physical world as well as the unseen space or spirit energy when the children of [unpronounceable Hebrew word for God] are finally revealed..His indwelling enables us to do no sin.” (page 91)

“…Trinity…goes against everything the Scriptures ever taught.” (page 92)

Just like Mormonism teaches, Lew continues, “You can’t have monotheism and trinitarianism!” (page 92). Cults don’t believe in one God (monotheism) in three Persons (trinitarianism)—the God of the Bible.

Satanism also teaches against the Trinity. Compare Lew White’s teaching to Satanism:

“The day of the cross and the Trinity are done.” (p. 127, Satanic Rituals, 1972)

I guess there is nothing new after all in Lew White’s “fossilized customs.”

Lew laments that he is being “persecuted” for being on the “narrow way” when people accuse him of teaching cultic and occult teachings (page 97).

However, Lew takes no heed of warnings from unenlightened “paganized Christians.” He writes “simply calling yourself a Christian is a generic reference and could be applied to any follower of any ‘Christ.’” (page 97).

“To enter into His covenant with Yisrael, and to have our sins removed and give ourselves to Him, we must be immersed in the name above all names [then he writes a name no “average person” knows how to pronounce!].” (page 98).

Lew teaches:

“The Celtic Druid sun deity was worshiped under the proper name GOTT, which was adapted into our English as God.” (page 159).

In Lew’s section, “Turning the World Upside Down,” I am reminded that in Satanism what is up is down and down is up. (see page 1, Satanic Rituals, 1972).

Lew informs us that the word “Lord” means “Baal”, and that the name of Jesus is a secret: “The name was concealed, and anyone who spoke it aloud could be stoned to death for saying it…He revealed it to those given to Him out of the world, and that we be kept as ONE (in unity) by it…He criticized the Pharisees for withholding the ‘key of knowledge’ (Luke 11:52) and what they withheld was His name.” (page 83).

Lew goes on to write that “God”, “Lord”, and “Jesus” are pagan deities. (page 43).

He says that when “believers” die they “endure like the stars unchanging.” They are not in “a place called heaven.” He goes on to mock pastors and God’s people and the Bible by suggesting:
“So, if your ‘pastor’ tells you your dead family members are in heaven with the ‘Lord’ kindly remind him what the Writings say.” (page 41)

Lew goes on to misinterpret Scripture explaining, “It is more important to note that pagans taught about the ‘spirits’ of the dead being transported to ‘heaven.’"

Lew ends that thought on this encouraging note:

“At the time the dirt is being thrown on us we have His seed in us, and He will clothe us in a new spiritual body at the resurrection of the saints…ignorance…is shameful.” (page 41)

Compare Lew’s “set apart spirit” (page 39) to what the Satanists teach:

“There is no heaven of glory bright and no hell where sinners roast. Here and now is our day of torment! Here and now is our day of joy!…Then all thy bones shall say pridefully, ‘Who is like me? Have I not been too strong for mine adversaries? Have I not delivered MYSELF by my own brain and body?’ THE BOOK OF LUCIFER; THE BOOK OF ENLIGHTENMENT…Lucifer was the bearer of light, the spirit of the air, the personification of enlightenment.” (The Satanic Bible, pp. 33-34, Anton LaVey)

We see here that to believe the teachings of "Lew White" is to believe Satanism. For a much more reliable source for the meanings of occult symbols in our society, such as secret symbols on the dollar bill and freemason designs in architecture in Washington D.C. please refer to books by David Ovason who has compiled excellent, reliable documention (published by Harper Collins) available at any major bookstore or Titles include The Secret Symbols of the Dollar Bill and The Secret Architecture of our Nation’s Capital. It is fascinating to study the true meanings of occult symbols weaved into our culture and society without entering the realm of the occult by the bewitchment of overt attacks on the name of Jesus, His Word, and His people…all in the name of Yeshua.

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