When Lighting the Way International began in 2002 at Venice Beach, we had the pleasure of meeting Jimbo Mullen and his family when he was attending the Master’s Seminary at Grace Community Church, where LTW began as a church-wide ministry in Los Angeles. We were instant friends.

After all of these years, Lighting the Way International is honored to partner with Pastor James Mullen and his team at Westminster Presbyterian Church of Brandon, FL, as they literally reach prostitutes and addicts on the streets of Tampa, as well as have a powerful jail ministry. They are lighting the way for broken people –who are often otherwise rejected by the church—by giving them Bibles and telling them how to be saved through Jesus.

Lighting the Way partners through sending the Tampa team resources specifically for people struggling with sexual addiction, alcohol and drugs. We have sent various materials through the years, including copies of our Christian-based book for women Happiness No Man Required—50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without a Man to give to prostitutes and booklets for addicts from RBC Ministries called When You Just Can’t Stop as we pray for Pastor James Mullen and the team from Westminster Presbyterian Church in their powerful, weekly outreach on the streets of Tampa.

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