LTW University of TN Outreach

Lighting the Way Worldwide has an outreach of evangelism based on apologetics on the University of TN campus. You can find us setting up amidst the traffic on The Walk, as permitted during the fall, winter and spring. All materials are offered for free to the students with an emphasis on giving answers against atheism, evolution, and occult spirituality, pointing the students to reasons why we believe in Jesus as Savior.

Since this ministry began in 2010, America has become even more spiritually pluralistic, as students now approach our UT outreach table who are Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists—here in what is still nominally known as The Bible Belt. As the American landscape has changed, the Gospel remains the same since we began our work in 2002. At every campus location we pray against misunderstandings and are careful to never be charged with “hate crimes,” due to speaking the truth in love.

At this University of TN outreach, like in every other location, we give answers based on logic and all in the spirit of humility, kindness and “free thinking.” We have specific materials for all people groups and refer the students to our web site or for further research about the difference between Mohammad and Jesus, various world religions vs. Christianity, cults, transcendental meditation and why Jesus is a Savior like no other. We partner with the Baptist Collegiate Student Ministries on campus at UT for free parking. Thanks to a UT faculty member who get us permits, this outreach is led by Claudette Litz as her schedule allows.


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