Warning About Todd Bentley from Former Occultist

Here is an email I received tonight from a former New Ager on Todd Bentley:

Dear Dwayna,

I realize you reach many folks. I am so concerned for the church. This "prophet" is stating the Holy Spirit told him to kick older ladies in the face with his motor cycle boots and punch people. I can’t stand it!!! Has the Christian church not discerned the Scripture that says "false prophets will come in the last days and deceive many–with LYING SIGNS and wonders"? I feel so grieved in my spirit!

Dwayna, as you know, I was in the Occult. I had a spirit of Divination (cast out of me) spoken about in Act 16:16 also known as [commonly in Los Angeles as] Python and Kundalini. These very same manifestations took place (snake like jerking and epileptic movements) while practicing TM and following Raja Neesh out in the Oregon Cult as well as doing YOGA and New Age pratices.

Divination seems so prevalent in the Christian church. It poses as the Holy Spirit and comes off as an ‘angel of light’. It is the source of all false prophecies in the church, let alone false prophets sporting divination like OPRAH! UUUGGGHHH!!!

Can you please let people know how bad it is really getting??

A E.

IS THIS THE HOLY SPIRIT??– A video showing Todd Bentley telling about kicking an old lady in the face and knocking a man’s tooth out in order to transfer his anointing "violently" onto them. Is this really the Holy Spirit? You decide. Here is the link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=_K8XjObzfXM

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