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We had a fun first day of outreach at the University of TN on Friday, September 3, 2010. All of our preparation paid off. God brought up many students who seemed to genuinely appreciate our materials. I drove up from Atlanta to work with Tom, the leader, to kick off the ministry today! Tom is going to try setting up on Saturdays when there are football games, to reach people from all over TN, as well as the students. I will post more photos and write a more detailed update as soon as possible. My mother joined us to work this ministry, and she said it was one of the best days of her life, because it was so nice being back on the UT campus to share with the students about Jesus. (She graduated from UT with a degree in education before I was born.) It reminded me of spending summers at UT at baton camp as I was growing up. I would have never dreamed I would return to do an outreach like this, spending those summers at baton camp on this campus, staying in the dorms. It has been a great day! Tom is very organized, smart and loving, and one university student has already offered to come and work with him. We had strong materials against evolution, and some books by John Blanchard were taken. Also, some sermons against the occult and a radio interview exposing the dangers of the Ouija board were taken. Our booklets from Radio Bible Class against pornography and addiction also slipped off the table by a few students. Many books on apologetics had been donated, and they were perfect for this outreach, to give the students reasons to believe in the Bible and Jesus as the only living Savior.

More Photos from our First Day of Outreach!

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