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We bring God’s love to people from all walks of life, including those who would never enter the door of a church. At our outreach locations no one is turned away, and everyone is treated with respect. All materials are free, specifically for people groups such as Jews, Muslims, atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics, Catholics, children, teens, yogis  and evangelical Christians. No preaching is allowed in any location, because we answer questions to objections based on the Bible with humility without speaking down to anyone, realizing no one is better than anyone else at the foot of the cross. We want to explain with answers based on logic and reason why Jesus is different from the other gods, and why history, archaeology, prophecy and testimonies point to Him alone as the only true Savior for mankind. All people from every background are welcome at our outreach locations, and when people do not share our faith, we love them still.

Lighting the Way Worldwide began in 2002 with the only Christian table on the boardwalk at Venice Beach, as an outreach of evangelism based on apologetics. We worked with youth groups and other Christians in mission work and  had the joy of speaking to psychics, tarot card readers, witches, Hare Krishnas, Hindus, Buddhists, Scientologists, Christian Scientists, New Agers, Satanists, atheists and the list goes on and on about Jesus and why we believe He is a Savior like no other. The outreach was about offering answers to life’s questions according to what the Bible teaches. We never bothered anyone and let people come to us. We had a table alongside the psychics and Hindus selling talismans on the boardwalk with a sign reading “Come find out what God has to say about your future for free” and a banner inviting people over for “A Free Gift for You.” God would bring people over to the table from all walks of life with questions, and we would give answers based on what the Bible teaches about salvation and eternal life.

In addition to the table outreaches, I had the challenge of being asked to speak with elders from the Jehovah’s Witnesses in a private meeting about the deity of Jesus, and I had the joy of explaining to them how I know that Jesus is not Michael the Archangel based on what the Bible teaches. I got to talk to a guru, one on one, at the Hare Krishna temple at Venice about Jesus, explaining to him all of the reasons why I know the Bible is true. Along with other Christians, I had the honor of sharing verses from the Bible they had never read before to anyone who asked there at Venice Beach. We also went into New Age cults with conversations, drawing the line of demarcation between demons vs. a real relationship with God through Jesus, the only true God of love. As we shared verses from the Bible with people, we saw people’s eyes opened against the deception of their own demonic spirituality at places like Eckankar, the Self Realization Center and once at an Agape Fellowship, a New Age cult that did not believe in the existence of Satan. In NYC, I had the opportunity to speak with some people individually at the Unity School of Christianity, another New Age cult, about Jesus, after I heard them singing Christian hymns re-written to leave out the name of Jesus with prayers they had prayed to the “divine light in us all.” In Brigham City, Utah, we did an outreach to Mormons offering free DVDs of testimonials from Mormons who left the Mormon church after coming to salvation through Jesus, as the team distributed the DVDs throughout the entire town to people for free. The conversations we have had in such places have sparked curiosity in people to measure everything according to the Bible as opposed to their feelings. Since I began Lighting the Way at Venice Beach, much to my surprise, it has spread all over the world as the locations on this site show. It keeps growing as we continue to explain the difference between the real Jesus vs. all of the other counterfeits of spiritism in every location.

God blessed me with a mother who taught me to pray before I could talk plainly. It was not hard for me to realize I was a sinner and was saved by faith in Jesus at age five, then joined the church and was baptized. I could also sing the hymns before I could talk plainly and began singing them in Baptist churches as a soloist at age three. I was raised on the hymns, singing in Baptist churches and revival meetings all over the south and northeast, as well as in India, Korea and Haiti. Throughout my childhood and teens I entertained at civic clubs, as well as sang in one opera and had a lead in local, musical theatre growing up. I auditioned for the movie “Annie,” and the producer pointed for me to come over to him. He said, “You are exactly what we are looking for but just too tall.” I won “Best in Show” for musical theater in the state of FL as a teen and represented my high school in Orlando based on an essay I wrote my Junior year, as an intern for Congress in Washington D.C. After recording three albums by age fifteen, I set out at age seventeen on Music Row to be an artist in country music. My goal was to have a record deal by the time I was twenty-one. I never dreamed at that point all that God had in store for me, which was far more fulfilling and better than fame and fortune. A few years after LTW began, I began recording my songs independently, and they are now available on Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon, Walmart and CD Baby. I began writing Christian based books and booklets in 2012 and had the joy of offering my Christian book for women, Happiness No Man Required, for free to every single prostitute on Beale Street in New Orleans. They all took a copy without hesitation. Sharing my Christian testimony through both my music and books and ministry is the greatest purpose my life could ever know. Looking back, I can only thank the Lord for time after time protecting me from the world, as I was saved for a far better life bringing glory to Jesus.

New outreaches continue to begin with Lighting the Way Worldwide, and the word continues to be spread, only by word of mouth. No funds have been solicited. It is supported by individual Christians, businesses and churches as they feel led to give.

I realize God does not need me. I am privileged to be used by Him. Living a sincere, Christian life is costly, but Jesus is worth it. I certainly would have never given myself such a beautiful way to spend my life this side of heaven, far more meaningful and greater than fame and fortune could have ever been. I am forever indebted to my Savior who is my greatest Prize.

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