Pictures from Pearl Street

Written April 27, 2006

This man came up to me and asked, "Hey, didn’t I meet you at Venice Beach?" I couldn’t believe it! His name is Nathan. He continued, "Don’t you remember me, how I came over to your table that day and talked to the man with you all day about the Bible?" It was really sweet. I bought him a sandwich, which I rarely ever do with a homeless person, but I felt sorry for him, still homeless here in CO now, and I appreciated God letting me see him again. He said he would come to my booth tomorrow. I told him I was doing the same thing here I used to do at Venice. I look forward to talking to him more tomorrow at the booth.

This man with the long hair pictured above wanted to talk about "nothing." The poor guy had a lot to say about "nothing". He asked if I was "awake", and I calmly looked him in the eyes and said, "Yes, I am awake." I told him that as human beings we have the capacity to solve chemistry equations and create symphonies, so we have capabilities that go beyond just mere existence and definitely require us being "awake" (I couldn’t help but think of how the feminists use that word, "awake", so I was ready for the polite conversation today with this man about whether or not I was "awake"). Interestingly, he asked, "How you do know? Who is here watching this conversation?" I gently answered, "Principalities of light and darkness are observing, and some are dark that seem light." He liked that part. He asked, "Is there anyone watching them?" I smiled and said, "God." He said he would come and talk to me at the booth…

The gothic teenagers on the grass, within a block from where I will be setting up

Musicians on Pearl Street

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