Abiding in Jesus vs. “Spiritual Formation” Classes

Visit the LTW blog here for reasons to not underestimate the power of a "witness". A witness for Jesus comes by God’s mercy alone. It is His work. He will not share His glory with another. Therefore, classes on "how to be spiritual" are at best immature. This article examines the difference in the work of the Holy Spirit and the work of man. No one can "abide in Jesus" in their own strength. By His mercy alone, the Holy Spirit draws the person…This is why no classes on "spiritual formation" are needed for someone who is saved. Not only that, but the classes can be an "escape" for people who do not want to repent and leave their sin, which is the only way a Christian will "become more spiritual."

It is like saying, "I need to be more discerning" vs. "Lord, I am asking You, as the only One who knows all men, to reveal to me what You want me to know."

Growth in Jesus only comes from Him, not classes on "spiritual formation."

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