Abraham didn’t exist?

Abraham didn’t exist? Moses a myth?
Archeological and historical evidence of Biblical accuracy

‘The Bible’s Buried Secrets,’ a PBS documentary to be aired in November, seems designed to undermine the Bible. Not only does it demote Abraham and his descendants to the realm of mythology, it also dismisses the Exodus and denies any written Old Testament record prior to the sixth century B.C.

We shouldn’t be surprised at this unscientific assault on the Bible. As Professor William F. Albright, archeologist and head of Palestine’s American School of Oriental Research, observed, ‘The excessive skepticism shown toward the Bible… has been progressively discredited. Discovery after discovery has established the accuracy of innumerable details….’

"Dr. Paolo Matthiae, Director of the Italian Archeological Mission in Syria… discovered ‘the greatest third-millennium [from 2500 B.C.] archive ever unearthed.’ It included ‘more than 15,000 cuneiform tablets and fragments’ and unveiled a Semitic empire that dominated the Middle East more than four thousand years ago. Its hub was Ebla, where educated scribes filled their ancient libraries with written records of history, people, places and commerce."

Read full article by Berit Kjos here, addressing media attacks on the Bible, such as a PBS Special, aiming to discredit God’s tested and victorious Word.

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