Atlanta (Outside a Mosque)

With courage, the Atlanta team is now setting up on a regular basis in outreach to Muslims outside a mosque in Atlanta with materials specifically for reaching Muslims with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This mosque is also in the area of GA Tech. Since they expect GA Tech students to be passing as well, they have a few booklets and tracts for students who may have questions about the veracity of the Bible.

It’s touching that God would use us to shine a light for Jesus, offering peace, hope, Truth and love to a people group touted as being against Christianity, thought by some to be “a religion of hate.”

The team is using the same table they have to set up elsewhere around Atlanta in places like Little Five Points and Marietta Square, except that this location has a banner reading “A Free Gift for You” with materials in Arabic, English and other languages specifically for Muslims.

Our Christian team of men explain to Muslim men the difference between the real Jesus and the Isa of Islam, as Surah, chapter 4, teaches he never died on a cross for our sins. Using discernment and answering every question with answers based on logic and reason about what the Bible teaches, this is a very exciting outreach location of evangelism based on apologetics!

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