Brigham City: Satan Took A Hard Blow

Hello Everyone,

Well, victory is sweet! I am smiling ear to ear as I write! As I left Brigham City today, all of the Christians there in the Lord’s army were smiling, too! We had bathed the day in prayer, and the Lord was victorious.

We had 9,500 DVDs and 300 Christians show up to help. Many came from Calvary Chapel in Salt Lake City. We hit every single house in Brigham City! We left the DVD, “The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon,” on all of the doorknobs in a plastic pouch with the web site and phone number to the church! It was snowing, which was also God’s mercy on us today, because it kept most of the people inside. Conversations could have been acrimonious if more people had been outside available to talk, but today went very smoothly. Leaving it on the door was best. The DVD is strong and well done for God’s glory, and now we are praying that the Lord will move on hearts tonight as many will be watching the DVDs we left for them this afternoon.

We all met first for prayer. This man sat beside me, and after about fifteen minutes of not talking, he turned and introduced himself and whispered sheepishly, “I am so scared to be here! I have only been going to church for a month, and I used to be a Mormon. I am just now calling myself saved.” I smiled. He continued, “I woke up this morning and listened to Walter Martin on the radio.” I interrupted, “You listen to Walter Martin, in Salt Lake City?” He answered, “Yes, he is on the radio there.” I started to laugh out of joy, just thinking about God’s faithfulness. He continued, “Walter Martin was the one who really made me think twice about all of that Mormonism.” I told him about the street ministry I do, and he said something that was probably the best compliment anyone could give me. He said, “So it is like something Walter Martin used to do.” I laughed again out of joy! I answered seriously feeling humbled with thanksgiving, “Well, yes, it is like something Walter Martin used to do.” He said, “I have the Maze of Mormonism and that big thick book he wrote on the cults. He really got out there with the lost, and he is the one who really made me see the lies of Mormonism.” I told him that Walter Martin’s ministry had made a profound impact on my life, too.

He continued to tell me that how he was “scared” as we made conversation. We stood in line for our DVDs and he said, “I’m scared. I am a fifty year old scared man.” I told him that everything would be ok. He asked, “Would you be my partner?” I told him that I would be happy to walk with him to leave the little DVD packet on the doorknobs. We got to our street and before we started walking, he said, “But I am scared.” I laughed (just thinking about the way Satan loves to scare us when we are right where God wants us to be). I said, “Let’s pray,” so we prayed, and I asked God to take care of us and be glorified.

Our first place was an apartment building. Well, believe it or not, he had trouble getting the packet to stay on the doorknob, and he kept saying, “What if they come out? They are Mormons just like I was!!” I stood there laughing. He was making so much noise trying to get the packet to stay on that doorknob, and I was sure they could hear what he was saying. I laughed until I cried. He finally got it on the door, and, glory to God, no one came out!

We were walking along, and one woman was leaving her place, and he turned and whispered to me courageously, “I’ll talk to her.” He approached her with a big smile and said, “Hello! We are here with a gift for you and your family.” She took it and was very nice. He turned to me and assessed, “She probably didn’t know what to think, because she is probably a Mormon just like I used to be.” He turned back to me and commented gregariously, “This is fun! I can’t believe I was so scared.”

We walked along and he said, “I have started going to church and reading the Bible, and I really need God 24/7! I mean, I NEED God.” I said, “Well, that is just where He wants you to be—very needy.” He said, “I am shocked, but I have come to believe in Jesus, and here I am witnessing to the Mormons who are just like I used to be.” He whispered, “I am going to be honest with you—my life is a wreck.” I said, “Well, your eternity is looking great!” I told him that we were living for eternity and that he was investing in all of his eternity today by helping distribute those DVDs!

We walked along, and I have never seen anyone happier in my life. He turned to me and said, “This is a landmark day, and I want you to know I am DONE WITH SIN.” I said, “Well, just keep your eyes on Jesus, because it may not be done with you…but God never asks us to give up something without giving us something better to take its place, so sermons and good books are important as we stay away from sin.” We talked about how walking in obedience gives us confidence with no shame. I suggested sermons by John MacArthur, and he stopped right in the middle of the sidewalk and got out his little pocket tape recorder. I couldn’t help but laugh. He said, “I record things in my business I need to remember, so will you please speak into this machine what you just told me?” I laughed. He turned it on and he held up the little recorder to my mouth, and I announced into the machine the words: “Sermons by John MacArthur.” He smiled and said, “Thank you. Now I will remember that!” I said, “Sermons by Charles Stanley are good, too.” He interrupted, “Oh, I like that guy! I already listen to him on the radio.” I said, in hopes of sobering his enthusiasm just a little, “Well, keep listening.”

He raised his arms enthusiastically in the snowy air and said once again, “This is a landmark day! This is the first day that I can just feel that God is mine!” (I smile as I write it). I said, “Well, that is the Holy Spirit.” He said, “It is crazy, but I feel like a child. I am so happy. And I can’t believe I was scared to come.” He continued, “I heard at church that I am not supposed to trust in my feelings, but I feel so good.” I said, “Well, Walter Martin said that a Christian is most happy in service to the Lord.”

We had missed a house and ran out of DVDs, so we got some more. He said, “You know, this may sound crazy, but I just have to go back to that house we missed, because what if that had been my house? What if someone had missed me, and what if God had passed me by?” I said, “Okay, we will go back to the house.” We went back, and there was a DVD already on the door! Another team had gotten the house. We both smiled. He said in amazement, “There is already one on the door!” I said, “Well, what does that show? It shows God doesn’t miss anyone.”

By the end of our route, he went inside the 7-11 and boldly offered the clerk a DVD! He saw some people remodeling an old apartment, and he said, “We can’t miss them,” so he stopped in and gave the workers all DVDs. I’ll tell you, my facial muscles are tired tonight from smiling so much!

We met back at the Brigham Community Center, and every Christian there looked happy. It really did remind me of an army of soldiers who were just celebrating victory. I got many DVDs on Mormonism to give to Mormons who come up to our booth in Boulder, Venice Beach, and West Hollywood, and I was glad that I had journeyed to share in the victory, because Satan took one hard blow in Brigham City, Utah today!

It is raining back here in Salt Lake City, and my flight leaves early in the morning. We won’t get to hand out any tracts tonight at the Temple due to the weather. I am headed now to leave the tract/articles, Saved or Unsaved, for the hotel staff who may be Mormons and talk to them tonight about Jesus. I will come back afterwards and pray here in my room for God to save them and thank Him with all of my heart for such a wonderful day of deep pleasure in Him.

In His victory,


One Fine Day in Brigham City 3/19/06:
We distributed around 9,500 DVDs today to every single home in Brigham City! It has been one of the happiest days of my life. A little boy (pictured above) came to join us with his mother toward the end of the route, and his grandmother stayed in the car as we walked around leaving the DVDs, The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon, on the doorknobs of all of the homes and apartments. We got back in the car, and his grandmother started to share with me her testimony of how God saved her from Mormonism. She was telling of how she used to be a Mormon and the freedom she has in Christ today…and when we arrived back, I didn’t want to stop talking to her and get out of the car! I said, "We will continue to this conversation in heaven." She reached out and touched my hand and said, "God bless you." Tears filled her eyes, and she said, "Yes, we will." We were all very happy! It was our pleasure to serve the Lord today with an army of 300 Christians who hit the streets for Jesus and the glory of His name.

© LTW Worldwide March 2006

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