“Christian Eroticism” and “Christian Tarot”?

What is this latest wave, using tarot cards in evangelism and discussing "Christian eroticism"? Read more here at Apostasy Alert. "Christian eroticism, "erotic desire in art" and "Open Communal Sex" are topics of interest we read from Jon Trott, a "Jesus People" person.


"Morehead’s 2005 Seminar at Cornerstone Festival gives us a taste of his promotion of the occult to Christian youth.."

"Morehead presents the use of Tarot Cards as Biblically inspired and a means for personal spiritual exploration. In his Sacred Tribes Journal Morehead has a special edition devoted to the subject of Pagan spirituality."

"Celebrate Desire, Exult in the senses. Praise marriage, the human body, physical reality, and relational sexuality as gifts testifying to a Mysterious Divine Lover. (Cornerstone Communications, Inc., Big Fat Thud Productions.)

Articles presented in Morehead/Trott’s’s Sacred Tribes Journal include The Erotic Imagination: Christians, Sex, and Art by John Peck, "I think that Christians should be able to develop some kind of consensus on the issue of sex in art, within a Christian worldview. We have got to work at that together. I say this because Christians nowadays often tend to react to pornography, for instance, with expressions of emotional disgust…"

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