Digimon and “Ch’i”

Digimon-Another Fad from Japanese Animators by Berit Kjos warns of the spiritual agenda behind this game for children, indoctrinating youth into Buddhism and Shintoism through subliminal anti-biblical themes. Learn more about "Ch’i" and Eastern meditation proliferating even amongst some church going Christian families in America provoking an ever increasing "one world religion" antagonistic toward biblical Christianity.

"The concept of Ki is one of the most important in Japanese philosophy. It directly concerns everyone’s daily life, since it is nothing less than the vital energy of that life. In Chinese philosophy, the equivalent concept is known as Qi (Ch’i), an energy whose ‘home’ is the Dantian point located below the navel…. As the concept of Ki is found that the root of all Japanese activities, it is also found at the root of all the martial arts. The nature of this universal and fundamental energy is such that it penetrates everywhere, uniting all the manifestations of the universe, visible or invisible. It is a creative energy, the divine ‘breath’ in every being, which… can, according to certain writers, be projected outside oneself. " (Emphasis added)

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