Examining the Teachings of John Eldredge


This post on the LTW blog here is an open letter to a church in TN after it was sent to a pastor there privately…In this letter a concerned Christian quotes from the book Sacred Romance and compares its teachings to Scripture. The following excerpts are examples of some of the questions asked in response to biblically unsound points made by John Eldredge:


…Question – On what scripture is this call to beauty, intimacy, and adventure based? Are we not called to take up our cross, follow him and deny ourselves? (Matt 16:24) Are we not told that those who would live godly in Christ Jesus must suffer persecution? (2 Tim 3:12)

…Question – When did our heart become good? Does this refer to a time after our conversion but before the "Romance"? Does it not appear that the statement infers that the heart is good prior to encountering Christ? Where does this leave the doctrine of the Fall and the total depravity of man? If we assume there is good in our heart that merits God’s love and attention, does that not actually diminish the significance of the grace of God when compared to a God that loves unlovely and rebellious sinners? Does the above statement not sound more like a premise of secular humanism which assumes that man is basically good and his problems are a function of a poor environment or bad upbringing?


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