No Christian Vampires

[Angel explains]: The following is from my young friend, to whom I have been ministering here in Florida.

Take heed……

Oh the truth of this! I can not descibe the vulgarity of these movies. To glorify the works of satan, place it in a pretty package, and infiltrate the churches must be none other than an assignment from the pit of hell!

When I was young, between 6 to 10, I watched a movie that had been forbidden to watch in my house, Interview with a Vampire. I was hooked. I would find myself longing for Lestat or Louis. They were my kights of the night. I was in love. I moved from wanting them, to wanting to be them. After much debate, I was allowed to watch the movie over and over again, and even was bought a copy so that I could watch it at my liesure. I began to read the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, and I thought that I had discovered the only true way of living. I began to transfer energy and to psychically attack people, draining them of their energy for my pleasure. I began astral projection, out of body experiences, and to have blood lusts. There was no stopping me.

Since I was homeschooled, I could sort of choose my own school work, at least to an extent. I talked my mom into letting me research and write a report of vampires. What I did not know was that this was how satan was going to drag me to hell. I fell in love with sites that talked about the medical side of vampirism. I would begin to show signs of the symptoms and therefore assumed that I was a vampyre. I was so ecstatic! Finally a way to explain all of the demonic activity that I had been a part of. I was able to give meaning to apparitions that would try to warn me of when something was going to happen.

I remember one time that I lay in bed just around the time of Christmas and I could feel and nearly see the room swarming with demons. They were so thick that I felt like I was sufficating. My sister got a present that came with a box that was nearly human size. I was so thrilled! Finally, my attempt at a coffin! Oh how I hated that night. I was kept awake by the demons on the outside of the box. My heart was racing as I finally fell asleep or passed out, I’m still not sure which. A few days later, my mom and dad got into a huge argument because it was rumored that my dad was having an affair. I just thought that the demons were trying to protect me and warn me that something bad was going to happen. I thought they were on my side. Oh how I was wrong.

After falling in love with Don Henrie, I began to also take a greater interest in ghost hunting shows and documentaries about hauntings. I had loved these before, but things were taken to an extreme after I "became a vampyre". I was able to feel the spirits more keenly and I could even tell, just by walking into a room, if there was a spirit in there and the era it came from and the gender. I now know that I was being fooled by a kingdom that has had nearly 7 thousand years of practice.

My worst mistake was thinking I could play both sides of the fence. I thought that I could be a "christian" and a vampire at the same time. I could go to church and please God and then please God by doing the things that I loved, which were actually an abomination to the Lord. Rev 3:15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
Rev 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

The biggest lie that Satan has to offer has nothing to do with the actions that we take part in when we fall in love with darkness, but that we can use the darkness to please God. I was in for a mess of trouble and I didnt even know it!

God took everything from me. I could not leave the house without panic attacks. I was beginnning to have panic attacks while still at home. It was torment of the worst kind. My "best friends" forgot me and eventually ceased to exist. I was all alone. I made horrible choices while in the darkest moments of my life. I wanted to kill myself. I thought that I would be spared a lifetime of torment. I thought that I could kill myself and go to heaven since I was a "christian". Praise God that He did not let me take my life! I do not believe that I would have wound up in heaven at that time, no matter how many times I had "prayed the prayer".

My journey with vamprisim let me into the bowels of the occult. I became friends with witches and began to practice spells of my own. I thought that I was in control. My mom saw what was happening and tried to stop me by setting restrictions on things, but I disregarded her concern and continued along the path of destruction. I read book after book, internet site after internet site, and documentary after documentary on vampirism. Let me tell you, I was in blissed torment. I was loving what I was doing!

After my mom and dad split for a third time we began to go to church on a regular basis. I had been involved with a church that had masons as decons and elders, so there was no hope for me there. It went in one ear and out the other. We tried a new church and I fell in love. One morning I woke up and the Lord had shown me that what I was doing was an abomination. I had a perfect hatred for vampirism. I quickly deleted everything that was on my computer that delt with Don Henrie or the vampirism. I had a lot of repenting to do!

The Lord eventually led us to a church that was and is filled with the Holy Spirit. For the first time in my life I surrendered my heart and soul to Jesus Christ and I was baptized on September 13 2008. If the Lord hadnt called me, I would have never of come to Him. I was on the verge of joinging a coven! One of the worst things that I could have ever done! Praise God that He kept me from that!

After all of that, my point is that satan wants Christians to believe the lie that it is okay to watch this perversion and just think of it as fiction.. If you went to a swimming pool that had been filled with acid instead, and you were told that it was dangerous, you would not want to swim right? Well what if you chose to believe that the things that were told to you were just fiction and you decided to go swiming anyways, I mean after all, it cant hurt you because you dont believe that it is real. Once you put your foot in the water, you are a gonner! It doesnt matter if you believe that it is fake or not. God says that it isnt. God says that it is so real and so perverse. If you desire to follow the Lord, you can not take part in any form of occult. Vampirism is just another form of occult. Take if from someone who has been there. God didnt want me to do it, and He doesnt want you to either.

The largest avalanche usually begins with the falling of the smallest pebble!

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