No “Standing Together” with the Mormon “Jesus”




Do Debates Between Greg Johnson (Standing Together Ministries) and Robert Millet (BYU Professor) Bridge the Gap Between Evangelicals and Mormons? Click HERE for Our Perspective (Rob Silvulka of


Due to the popularity of the debates between Johnson and Millet and the claims that have been set-forth regarding Mormonism, we feel it is necessary to share some of the concerns we have regarding their effort to make Mormonism "appear" as if it has more in common with evangelical Christianity than it truly does. As you read the following article by Rob Sivulka of, we hope that if you have bought into this movement, you will begin to exercise greater discernment in evaluating the claims made by Johnson and Millet. We also encourage you to read "An Open Letter of Concern" by Tracy Tennant as she shares the impact Standing Together Ministries has had on her family…

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