NYC – Union Square

This park is different from the other areas we have done outreach in Manhattan in that it is known for being the most liberal. It is the most popular area of activism where New Yorkers frequent to protest against conservative agendas in politics, which they associate with Christianity. It is about the last place in NYC you would think of finding a Christian table, which makes it the perfect place for our Lighting the Way Worldwide outreach of evangelism based on apologetics.

With people embracing occult spirituality in the form of selling talismans and tarot card readings, we offer a safe space right there beside such vendors to people from all backgrounds, belief systems and walks of life, where anyone is greeted with dignity and respect, if they would like to know about Jesus.

We have books specifically for this area like Be Still and Know that You are Not God and The Light that Was Dark. For NYU students passing, we also have booklets about the veracity of the Bible like Why Believe the Bible?, Where Was God on Sept. 11th? and Is Anybody Out There?

It is like the Venice Beach of NYC. No wonder a taxi driver said to me, “Be careful. It is very dangerous in Union Square,” when I told him about beginning a Christian outreach of evangelism there.

In this artist hub, our table actually fits right in. The evil spirits flee as the team likes to begin with praise songs at the table with a guitar. And, like any other location, God draws people over to find out more about Jesus.

“Our lives are invincible until He calls us home.” –Charles Spurgeon

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