I started getting emails from Pastor Babar about beginning a new table outreach in Pakistan to share the Gospel. I basically wrote him back asking him to begin it without our help, and then we would pray about a partnership. I told him to put a sign out reading “A Free Gift for You” and have Bibles and also offer free food. I said, “I know God will honor the effort and bring many people over.” Well, within a week, he did just that! He wrote me back after the first day and said he was really excited about it, and it was such a good way to tell others the Gospel. I smiled when I got his letter, sharing in his excitement as I saw the photos. He will be giving us more information, including prayer lists and summaries. Here is his letter (quoted verbatim):

Dear sister in Christ, I am so exited with this new work and also happy that a good Christian organization is right with me. I will continue this work. In Pakistan as I told you Urdu language is. In Pakistan we can get Urdu Bibles and Urdu Christian education books. Also Christian movies on DVD and CD and videos. Christian stickers we can print with the verses of Bible. Christian books for children. Table with food is also great idea.We can put in poor areas or under developed areas. At first stage we organize table preaching in the city of Faisalabad in different places one by one. Then also in some villages where it has more importance. Dear sister, we have not much resources. Mostly material we have to purchase from Pakistan. On your inquiry I will give you the detailed prices of all things including Bibles. Your prayers also a great help. Thank you so much. I am really very happy. God bless you richly. Pastor Babar kamran


More photos of our Pakistan outreach (currently on hold due to danger)

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