Seal Beach, CA

Our outreach location of Seal Beach, CA, led by Susan Young, is alive and growing! She and the team explain to people from all walks of life what it means to know Jesus as Savior, not based on religious tradition but what the Bible teaches. They answer questions with logic and reason and never talk down to anyone, lovingly sharing Bible verses about the Gospel and who Jesus is and what makes Him a Savior like no other. With materials specifically for atheists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, New Agers, and people from any belief system, this is a ministry of evangelism based on apologetics with depth where Susan and the team don’t just know what they believe but why they believe it.

You may find them at an outreach table on the pier or filling the air with praise and worship songs there on the boardwalk as people pass. They even organized a blanket drive for the homeless in a time of Covid19. In the year of Pandemic2020 where people were often depressed and had all but lost hope, Susan and the team zealously kept at it to help others, as they continue to make a difference and shine a light for Jesus in Seal Beach, CA, offering free tracts and booklets to people seeking answers to life’s questions, meeting them right where they are.

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