Siesta Key, FL

New table outreach of evangelism based on apologetics begins at Siesta Key Beach, one of the most popular beaches in America. Every Sunday night New Agers gather for occult drumming at sunset with dancing, drugs, and plenty of police around. We have specific outreaches on Sunday nights targeted to them where we hand out free materials written for people in occult spirituality, such as copies of The Light That Was Dark, a book that is the testimony of Warren Smith who came to know Jesus as his Savior after being a follower of Rajneesh. We set up the outreach table at the main entrance with a banner reading, “A Free Gift for You,” where people can stop to find answers to life’s questions based on the Bible teaches and learn about heaven and hell and how to know for sure they are going to heaven when they die. All materials are free; everyone is greeted with respect, and all answers are based on logic and reason and God’s word. We also have a file bin of alphabetized articles on apologetics to reach Moslems, Jews, atheists, Buddhists, Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientologists, and more. We set up at special events and on holidays, such as the ecumenical Easter sunrise service at Siesta Key where thousands attend who take materials at our outreach table on their way to back to the parking lot afterwards such as Bibles and tracts and booklets on who Jesus is, why He died on the cross, what Resurrection Sunday is really all about and how anyone can have everlasting life through Jesus who gave His life so we can live. The outreach table can be found there in the mornings during the week and at sunset on the weekends.

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