The Jung Cult

(Quotes from The Jung Cult by Richard Noll)

Jung believed he was a god. “Psychoanalysis became the new salvation of the world…Jung’s interest in spiritualism gave him ample experience of how one may deliberately enter a dissociative state or trance that allowed such automatisms as automatic handwriting or even alternate personalities to emerge. Jung had observed this at séances, and indeed his entire mother’s side of the family…seemed to have regularly engaged in discourse with spirits. Jung’s first encounter with the feminine entity he later called the anima seems to have begun with his use of such mediumistic techniques.” (p. 202)

“Jung used this technique of speaking out loud first in his own voice and then in a feminized voice, as psychotherapy, but then later concluded the dialogue in the form of automatic handwriting.” (p. 204)


The book goes on to explain how Jung thought of himself as a god. He even told the story of his own deification in 1925. Too bad this god could not give him better character. He was known for his “colossal narcissism” and also referred to as a “pathological narcissist.” (p. 204-209)

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