Unmasking the Moonies

…Did you know that Moon has outspent anyone molding and promoting today’s conservative movement in America? After years of mainstreaming by conservatives, Liberals send him well wishes and…Conservatives have worked with him to manipulate our political system (though most conservatives are unaware of this). He has been the number one financier of the Right in America over the last 25 years, and no one has outspent him in this regard. Fawell and Tim LaHaye took money from him and worked with him. He spent 2-3 billion on the Washington Times (not the Washington Post) alone. The Bushes are big supporters of his "mission." Google George Sr. or Neil Bush with Sun Myung Moon. (That is not Moon’s original name, btw. Sun Myung Moon means something like "shining light"; Moon’s original name meant "Shining Dragon.") If you read wiki on him be careful, there are or were at least two Moon followers who worked a lot to edit the pages about him. One day a page on him is well done, and the next day it is twisted…

[The following links are more suggestions for research]:

This first link is to a page by Craig Maxim, a former member of the group who got in because his mother was snagged by them when he was young. He is now a Christian. As a singer, he traveled the world entertaining Moon at his mansions. [Don’t miss] the section on "Witnessing Tips" linked at the bottom of this page.


This is a link to a former member’s site who is now therapist and works with people in cults…He has fought the good fight against Moon for many years. Anyway, here you can find the most up to date list of Moon front groups and a pdf of the government investigation of Moon from the 70’s.


Read the second post here called Christian Church leaders call Sun Myung Moon the “Devil and Anti-Christ” very carefully. It’s the only time I have seen any Christians seriously stand up to him in many years. There are several important links that explain what Moon is doing throughout that post, including how he swindles widows in Japan:


[…Moon’s] followers will tell you they love Jesus and know Him better than any Christian. [One does not need much discernment to know that the Unification Church is anything but Christian. Moon is just another "false christ" we are warned about in the Bible in verses such as Matthew 24:24.]

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