Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Incense, or Aroma Therapy!

Flipping through the May 25, 2009 edition of Star Magazine was certainly enlightening. Page 4 entitled “Idol Worship” pictured Adam Lambert waving his All Seeing Eye tattoo at his spell-bound fans.
Onward to page 8 our attention is drawn to an article titled, “Is That You, Marilyn?”. They inform us “Now Linds (Lindsey Lohan) is channeling the blonde bombshell again.” Really? 
We sail right ahead to a full page spread on page 14 and 15 where a woman is sitting in a yoga position, on a throne being served by two men. She is referred to as the goddess of touch. Oh, and in case you were wondering, this was an advertisement for hair care products.

There is no disappointment on page 16 under Star Beauty, as the "A List" involves occult spirituality, too, advertising, “The beauty A-List: Channel your inner diva and get ready to look your best!” Cruising onto page 20, "Selena Gomez Works Her Magic!" We are told "there’s nothing the wand-wielding Wizards of Waverly Place star can’t do." This is nicely complimented by the Venus razor advertisement on page 21: "Venus, Reveal the GODDESS in you." It assures a woman that she can be "the goddess of ease."

Well, to Star’s credit we make it all the way to page 60 before we encounter the vampires. “From Fangs To Fame” boosts a two page expose of five male heartthrobs who all played a vampire in their acting career. 

Turning to page 62, "Star’s beauty editors rounded up thousands of products loved by celebs and their beauty gurus." page 74 turns our attention to the Great Jones Spa where "every inch of the sanctuary inspires health and happiness through incredible treatments like mud and algae body wraps, Thai massages, and Jurilque facials. The spa also offers a river rock sauna, chakra light stream room…" Page 75 introduces the "Brow Guru," a "brow wizard". "The spa’s renowned Lifestyle Facial Experience with the skin guru herself is pricey at 395.00."

Jennifer Aniston is highlighted on page 82 for her new movie “Management”. Well, wonder of wonders, guess what still shot of the movie they choose? Alright, you don’t need to hold your breath, in fact just breathe deeply, very deeply, and you will be adequately prepared for the yoga scene. Yes, Aniston and her love interest, Steve Zahn, are practicing yoga together with a large Mandala prominently hanging in the background along with a meditating woman. I guess eastern style meditation is so commonplace now that we fail to even notice.
But let’s not skim over page 84, which is about “Mental”. Is this a new psychiatric sitcom, drama, or porn show? “At least Chris was able to bond with his fellow cast members by giving them a friendly flash. ‘The naked scene was one of the first things we filmed’, says Chris. ‘I knew it looked ridiculous, but we just went for it. It helped break the ice.’” Not only did he  “break the ice”, but every boundary for morality, decency and ethical behavior in the work place. Is anyone outraged?
Star scope is your horoscope section on page 88. Let’s not stop with your astrological projection. Go to the advertisement on page 93, and you can get a free psychic reading or a psychic solution on their special hotline.
So, to round things out, on page 94 we find “Green Idol”. “Former American Idol contestant, Melinda Doolittle, showed her support for an eco-friendly world…at the Natural Health Green Choice Awards…” Yes, it is true that the green idol of pantheism is over taking our culture along with eastern spirituality, occultism, paganism, goddess worship and extreme narcissism. Does anyone notice? Does anyone care? Or are we too busy, and distracted meditating in our SILENCE?
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