“25 Most Admired Kingdom Companies”

Do you long for a life that is not "hidden with Christ in God’? Then come and join the contest! You could have a winning "kingdom company" and take the "kingdom" for yourself in God’s name! The "boastful pride of life" is waiting just for you when you enter the contest!

Here is the newsletter from this "mission" network. I would laugh, but the arrogance is to sickening for me to crack a smile…

Over a year ago we featured 25 companies who were putting passion, theory, business and ministry together. These pioneers who continue to keep "living it" provide fuel for future business as mission entrepreneurs.

Recently we had some avid readers add their input and help us re-rank the list for 2008. We welcome three new companies to the Top 25 as well as recognize some groups that have made some big strides.

We admire them all with a quick summary update of each of them. Thank you for everyone’s nominations and emails. If there is a company that you are aware of that didn’t make the list, please email me. I’ve already received some great additions to the list for next year. Enjoy!

Justin Forman
Business as Mission Network


Most Admired Kingdom Company #1: Galtronics :: Israel – Highlighted in the recent cover story of Christianity Today for their work in both business and ministry, Galtronics continues to be one of the largest and most influential business as mission companies. The recent hand off from founder Ken Crowell to new ownership begins a new phase in the life of a business as mission leader.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #2: Pacific Resources Intl :: ChinaDwight Nordstrom continues to lead one of the foremost groups around the world learning how to do good business and great ministry. Dwight will be sharing some of his experience at the Baylor Conference on Global Poverty later this fall.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #3: Meixia Intl :: China– Meixia continues to be recognized as a leader in their local community and by the local government for providing great opportunities for hundreds of local employees. Recent growth has led to a US Sales office in Dallas, Texas. A little over a year ago we captured the story on video, click here to watch.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #4: EC Group :: India – Technology and off shoring continue to be hot areas for business development. Last year, EC Group helped Wycliffe Bible Translators expedite several of their translation projects, bringing the gospel to countries in half the anticipated time. They also will celebrate the 10th time of hosting a Global CEO Network conference this fall in Chicago.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #5: Little Texas :: Romania– Jerri Little and the team at Little Texas continue to be an example to others by developing a niche in the marketplace. The entrepreneurial nature of the team has carried over from their second hand clothing store to their bed and breakfast and their famous Little Texas Restaurant.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #6: Bethany Press :: United States – John Dupree continues to lead this publisher in its kingdom business efforts locally and internationally. Their journey to setup some international operations has the opportunity to save publishing costs, expand their impact and chart a course for other young adults to get involved.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #7 EA Brevita and Espresso Americano :: United States A few weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to spend some time with Ron DeMiglio and Jeff Ericson, the partners behind this very unique company who have leveraged technology to fuel their rapidly growing business. Their passion for business, ministry are opening some incredible doors in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. International revenues in 2008 will exceed 62 million US. Gross domestic revenue will be around 8.5 million. International gross revenue projections will be up by 33% next year while domestic revenue will rise by over 54% in 2009. (NEW TO THE LIST IN 2008)

Most Admired Kingdom Company #8: Bluefish TV :: United States– There’s just something about the sights and sounds of video that captures people’s attention. The largest Christian Video Publisher in the country caught our attention with their Business as Mission Videos (China: Kingdom Business, Olive Technology and India, Joseph- Trapped) as well as the video of the Little Girl and Psalms 23 that was viewed over 7 million times. They also celebrated a milestone of connecting over 2,000 young adults to opportunities (through the RightNow.org division) to use their passions and skills with mission agencies and companies.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #9: The Eastside Foursquare Church and Quality Inn :: Portland, OR – In a short time they purchased two major chain hotels in a run down part of town and transformed the community by providing a fresh start for many of the 80 employees. Amazingly this has also led to over 200 people coming to Christ. The transformation in the community has been so dramatic that the city officials say they have "done in 6 months what they were not able to do in 10 years". The profits continue to be reinvested into the business and heavily into the local community. Click here to watch a 4 minute video as the "Church of the Week on the 700 Club".

Most Admired Kingdom Company #10: Olive Technology :: India– Celebrating over 10 years in business and ministry, Joseph Vijayam and the team from Olive Technology have recently grown their presence in the US serving business as well as ministry clients like Campus Crusade for Christ, Frontiers, the MacClellan Foundation and Saddleback Church in California. Our team also was able to spend some time sharing their story through the video illustration, Olive Technology: Interning in India.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #11: Cards from Africa :: Rwanda– Following a win of the 2006 World Challenge Competition and the Urbana Business as Mission Competition, Chris Page and the team have expanded their sales presence in the United States and have launched other entrepreneurial efforts in Rwanda.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #12: The Barrington Group :: China– The story of twentysomething, Ben Briggs and this company’s efforts to launch a Southeast Asia manufacturing plant continues to be an inspiring story for other twenty and thirty somethings looking to get involved.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #13: United States Plastic Company – Founder, Dr. R. Stanley Tam, made a promise to God that if he would prosper this business he would honor God in any way he could. Mr. Tam has placed 100% of the ownership of United States Plastic Corp. into a foundation whose purpose is to establish churches in third world countries. (NEW TO THE LIST IN 2008)

Most Admired Kingdom Company #14: Paradigm Engineering :: United States– The slowdown in the US economy challenges an industry that is centred so much on development. This in turn have led to some challenging times for the Dallas based team but in combining business and ministry these guys continue to be a leader. For the time being, the plans not to continue the Kingdom Catalyst / International Conference on Business as Mission has opened up a void in the event world.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #15: Innotec :: United States- Founded in 1992, Innotec supplies products to customers through uniquely automated manufacturing processes. Innotec has been blessed with numerous supplier awards based on cost, quality, innovation, delivery and service. They have earned a number of patents that contributed significantly to their customers success. (NEW TO THE LIST IN 2008)

Most Admired Kingdom Company #16: The Source Cafe :: Uganda– A few years ago our team at Bluefish TV traveled down to Uganda to capture the personal stories of a couple at this Business and Ministry venture. Click here to watch "An Internet Cafe in Africa"

Most Admired Kingdom Company #17: Extol :: United States– Since 1985 Extol has served the automotive, medical, furniture and various consumer-use product industries. Going beyond their personal and corporate witness, founders Chip and Ross began to use their company to help Water Missions http://www.watermissions.org/ improve their water purification system. What started out as an after-hours project grew significantly, producing generation upon generation of refinements in a system that has now seen deployment in hundreds of countries.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #18: The Vista Group :: AlbaniaGrant Van Cleve and Mimi Kruja continue efforts to lead a niche in the Albanian marketplace with their real estate development.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #19: Michael Management :: India– Continuing on as one of the leading HR service providers in India, the team ministers out of its corporate office in Hyderabad and branch offices in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #20: Breakthrough India :: IndiaRobin Paul continues to lead an innovative consulting and training program for building employee confidence, team spirit and communication skills.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #21: Trade as One :: USA– Nathan George and the team at Trade One continue to be part of a growing niche of aggregators distributing handicraft goods from a variety of suppliers from third world countries.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #22: Go Africa Safaris :: Kenya– Led by some alumni and staff at Regent University‘s Center for Entrepreneurship, this group continues to be a growing niche business of customized travel in Africa.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #23: House Blend Cafe :: United States– Representing a growing niche of churches looking to launch local businesses with a global impact, House Blend continues on as a piece of the big Business as Mission puzzle.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #24: Yeager Kenya Group :: Kenya– Recently recognized in the Christianity Today issue on Business as Mission The Yeager Story is a great example of a twentysomething who took a step, blazed a trail and got involved.

Most Admired Kingdom Company #25: Prince of Peace Enterprises :: United StatesThey are well rounded, with divisions specializing in the areas of Natural Health, Ethnic Asian Marketplace and Overseas Export markets. With over 3,000 wholesale accounts, and gross yearly sales of over 20 million dollars, they are one of the leading companies in a unique market as well as a leader in giving back to business and ministry ventures.

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