Emerging Church Rejects the Rapture

Read quotes from Emergent Church leaders on the LTW blog to emphasize the importance of proper biblical interpretation in understanding what the Bible means. An allegorical interpretation of the book of Revelation conveniently holds people to no standard of objective truth. Everything is up to one’s own opinion of a text. Read how the emerging church leaders are simply suiting their fancy in a "new" and biblically unsound eschatology.

Go to the LTW blog here for more. God only uses allegory to point us to the literal meaning of His Word. This new wave is setting out to suggest there is no literal meaning of Scripture, yet prophecies in the Old Testament have been fulfilled literally in the New Testament. Many more prophecies are yet to be fulfilled in a literal sense. God delights in His people knowing, not just what the Bible says, but what passages mean, as we examine Scripture in context with Scripture and avoid "new" subjective interpretations emerging from those who are casting doubt on the authority of the God’s Word. After all, the only book of the Bible with a promised blessing for those who read it is the book of Revelation–no wonder Satan attacks the Revelation of Jesus Christ in all of His glory.

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