Questions for the “Latter Rain Answer” to US Economic Crisis

Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

It’s official: The Prophets of the New Order of the Latter Rain are now crawling out of the woodwork to take credit for predicting our present economic crisis, and also have heard from God on how to fix it.

(Strange–I subscribe to many of their lists, and the only thing I’ve heard for month after month is "prosperity" and "multiplication" but maybe I missed something…)

[Blue comments in brackets are my personal, informal remarks] –Mark Dinsmore

[clipped from The Elijah List, posted by Steve Schultz on Wed., Sept. 24]

Cindy Jacobs:

"In the Midst of the Shaking, God Has Prepared an Intercessory Thrust!"

God Said, "Call Together My People to Pray for the Economy"

During a worship service at the end of January, the Lord spoke to me in a long, ringing voice, "Cindy Jacobs, the strongman over America doesn’t live in Washington D.C. – the strongman that really rules over this nation lives in New York City! Call together My people to pray for the economy."

[Really? That is God’s great cry to his high-level prophets in the world, at this time in history? To rally intercessors to pray for the economy of the nation? Are you sure it wasn’t the god of Mammon speaking? If this is the best that Cindy Jacobs and "God’s Generals" can do or "hear" then the professing evangelical church is in a really, really bad way. Jacobs really needs to go back and read what God has already said about money and finances… (1 Timothy 6:10, Matthew 6:20-21, 24, 33-34, James 4:3, etc.)]

I knew then that the economy was going to crash without effective, fervent intercession. The Lord went on to speak to me with the words: "October 29th was Black Tuesday, the day the stock market crashed, and satan wants to do it again!"

["I knew! I knew!" — well then, why did you allow your prophetic friends to embarrass themselves by continuing to prophesy, "multiplication" and "prosperity" in view of the then-coming (now current) crash? Where was this report published in January?]

Shaken to the core, I pondered what to do. I knew that I must call the people of God to converge in New York City the week of October 29, 2008 — for an emergency prayer rally to cry out against economic collapse because the economy was going to shake!

[Besides, the "handwriting was on the wall" (and Wall Street) so any soothsayer, astrologer or fortune-cookie reader could have gotten this one right.]

During that week, we will have some of the finest apostolic prayer leaders from across the country join together for several days of onsite prayer strikes at key locations throughout New York City including: Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve and the United Nations.

[Does anyone else have a "check in their spirit" over the use of the phrase, "finest apostolic prayer leaders?" Doesn’t even our secular currency read, "In God We Trust"? (But now we must ask, which god?) And since when do we need to drive or fly all over the country, just in order to pray together at all of these "prophetic" events? Doesn’t that simply add to our own poverty and indebtedness? Use of militant language as "prayer strikes at key locations" also reveals an aberrant, unbiblical theology of spiritual warfare.]

We are then calling the Body of Believers from around the world to join us on October 31 and November 1 in Brooklyn, New York for Convergence ’08an emergency prayer rally for immediate stabilization of our [national and global markets.

[Catch a clue — economic "destabilization" of economies in ancient times, particularly Israel, is generally related to God’s JUDGMENT. So now, a group of prophets (and their loyal band of followers) meeting in NYC is going to turn all that around by praying against the symptom rather than addressing the problem?

What about next weekend’s Folsom Street "fair" in San Francisco where full nudity and perverse sex acts are invited and celebrated in public by the mayor and by police officers "standing by?" Hello! This is a homosexual orgy and porno theatre turned inside out, in front of God and everyone (including children). I don’t think our cries for God to "fix the economy" are heard when we’re deserving of national judgment for abortion and other grievous abominations.

But for believers, judgment begins in the house of God, and our Christian young people are participating in rock and revelry of the world, where even churches tolerate and promote "Christian" bands like Demon Hunter (who look, act, and shout the same pit-of-hell sound and lyrics as those who’ve made a deal with the devil).

But sure, God will heal our economy if we pray, right? Where are the prophets crying out for holiness and purity? Why are they instead perpetually lining their pockets with the "seed-faith" prosperity gospel where ever they go?]

October 31st is also Reformation Day in Germany. Some of you know that while my husband Mike and I were in Germany on this day in 2007, as we stood before the Wittenberg Door where Martin Luther tacked the 95 theses, we had four separate dramatic visitations, each of which said it had been 490 years since the last reformation (Daniel 9) and we were to pray for a new reformation to begin.

[A new reformation. Where have we heard that? Brian McLaren. Tony Jones. Rob Bell. And just about every other priest and prophet of the Emergent New Spirituality who is under the delusion that the earth is our home, God’s kingdom is here and now, and it is our New Mandate to restore, repaint, reimagine, and rethink our way into "heaven on earth."]

This was fascinating to me as I had just spent two years of my life writing my new book The Reformation Manifesto on the subject of how to not only be a reformer, but how to reform the arts, media, family, government, education, economic systems, etc.

The political parties within the United States and the United Nations are currently running on a platform of reform, as corruption is being exposed around the world and the citizens are shouting, "We are tired of being used!" One leader in the U.S. said that it was because of the addiction to O.P.M. (other people’s money) that corruption has almost destroyed our economic systems.

[NEWS FLASH: God never promised to eternally bless America. In fact, he said he will protect a remnant of believers on the earth, and that he will rescue Israel (his chosen people) as a nation. So, tragically, America will continue to abandon Judeo-Christian morality and reject biblical solutions—along with every other nation of the world—until God’s Bride is "caught up" with Christ. In the meantime, we are to "occupy till he comes"(Luke 19:13) — and to do the work of an evangelist, preaching the true gospel (that saves men, not mammon) and making disciples. Clearly, biblically, this earth as we know it, including the good ‘ol U.S. of A. is not our home.]

Pray to Shift the Economy

I am calling you to come from the ends of the earth to pray to "shift the economy." What do I mean by "shifting the economy"? Last January, at Chuck Pierce’s Starting the Year off Right conference, God gave a group of us a prophetic word that He was going to "shift the bull and the bear market to become a lion market" and then went on to say, "And I will have enough shares in this market."

[This is a holy prayer? This is the goal of the church at this hour, to "shift" the economy? What kind of New Age doctrine is this? Jacobs and her Generals of Intercession are now sounding like the "Generals of Oprah" and the lying messengers of "The Secret"]

For too long we have known to pray for our nations, but we have not known how to see to it that the Lion of Judah ran the economies of nations. He is the Creator, and believe me, He knows how to heal nations!

[I think they heard from a "Lion Spirit" alright — the same Lyin’ Spirit that will be false messiah to the world and save it from itself — for the space of about 3.5 years, that is. God’s eternal "healing of the nations" (Revelation 22:2) only applies to the new heavens and new earth — which by reason and by Scripture comes after the literal destruction and dissolution of the old earth by fire (2 Peter 3:7-13).]

The Lord has shown me that He wants to release a "corporate Joseph anointing" into the Body of Christ in 2009 and 2010. If one looks at the history of the Stock Market Crash of 1929, although many suffered, there were those that gained great wealth because they knew what to do in difficult times. This is the manifestation of the Issachar anointing that we are crying out to God for during this time of shaking. God is going to show us what to do.

[Really? The ones gaining great wealth are world power brokers whose families and fraternities have been manipulating the markets for centuries. This is not a divine blessing, but the result of sinful men trying to "gain the whole world" but who will lose their souls. But Jacobs and her Latter Rain ilk predict an end times "transfer of wealth" to the church. (I wonder if they sold their stocks in time and just forgot to tell everyone else?) But look out — If this "transfer" does occur, it will not be the remnant church, but the apostate church that inherits such a windfall…]

God Said, "Pray for the Stock Markets and Economic Systems"

[Exactly where does Scripture provide precedent and exhortation for this?]

Although the word I am going to give is a strong, dire one, think of it as a warning that is merciful. Judgment can be averted and a blessing left behind with economic systems changed in such a way that will eradicate systemic corruption – so that we can eradicate systemic poverty.

[Wow. Again with the "eradicate systemic poverty" message. Where is this in the Bible? This is the message of the UN, it is the message of Rick Warren, it is the message of Bono and McLaren — but it is NOT the message of the gospel! Even our Lord said, "you will always have the poor…" (Matthew 26:11).]

For the Lord says, "I am answering your prayers and have begun the cleansing of Wall Street; exposing the wickedness and greed in high places. Pray now and I will begin to give the leaders of the nation wisdom on how to revamp and reverse the debtor system currently in place. This is a course correction.

["Reverse the debtor system"? Sorry, this isn’t going to happen. America is not Israel! Plus, wickedness and greed do not just exist in "high places" but in every human heart. "Cleansing Wall Street" will not correct this innate condition of man that Scripture calls it like it is: Sin.]

"If you do not pray at this time, you will miss your day of visitation and the economy will collapse, causing a ripple effect that will sweep the nations with a major tsunami wave. This wave will begin to touch the ground, as even the harvests of the world will be affected. Food shortages, hyper-inflation and other sorrows, especially affecting the poor, will take place.

[This sounds like blackmail from an Antichrist spirit ("…you will miss your day of visitation…") not the words of God. However, these things are prophesied in Scripture — again, as part of God’s planned judgment. See Hosea 9:7 as one such promise of "visitation."]

"However, I say, if My people respond and fall on their face and cry out at this time with a mighty cry, I will hear them and heal their lands.

[Hello! What’s missing here? Anyone? What about REPENTANCE? This "god" Cindy Jacobs heard from says nothing about "…turn from their wicked ways…" (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Again, since the Garden of Eden, Satan is infamous for quoting only part of God’s word with which to deceive mankind. Cindy Jacob’s "lapse" in quoting the entire verse in context ought to alert and alarm readers, because it puts her prophetic "word" in the same family as those channeled from demons in Neil Donald Walsh’s "Conversations with God."]

"Hear, O nations of the earth! Respond with weeping and travail and pray for the stock markets and economic systems. Pray for your leaders as well; for the earth is in the throes of a deep shaking at this moment; for the systems of the earth must be reformed.

[Again, it should be clear from such verbiage as "the systems of the earth must be reformed" that this is not God speaking, but an Antichrist spirit, describing the advent of the New World Order and the "dawning" of the Age of Aquarius. How tragic that these alleged prophets of God cannot distinguish the voice of the Creator and Savior from the voice of the Deceiver and Slayer, who is only temporarily the "god of this world" (2 Corinthians 4:4).]

"Do not despair and think that I cannot heal; that I will not hear your crying to Me from My throne in Heaven. My ear is carefully listening for your sound, so I will reverse the curse and bring a blessing upon your lands."

[Okay, that should remove all doubt as to who is speaking. The "curse" that this god offers to reverse is none other than the Curse of the garden. Only Antichrist would make (and did make) such a promise. This curse will not be stayed, revoked or repealed until Christ himself returns bodily to reign as King; it is not going to happen in any invisible, spiritual, or "kingdom now" sense. Furthermore, blessing, peace, and prosperity are nowhere guaranteed to believers prior to the Lord’s bodily return. In fact, just the opposite is foretold.]

This is no time for business as usual! As per Joel 2, it is time for the Bridegroom to come out of the chamber and fight for the land.

Convergence ’08 Conference Info

Join us on October 31-November 1, 2008 for:
Convergence ’08

Gateway City Church
267 Bay Ridge Avenue; Brooklyn, New York

[Convergence is a New Age term — not a biblical or Scriptural term. It is directly related to a layering, overlapping, or merging of the minds, a meeting at a crossroads, where energy is multiplied, becoming "synergy" — another New Age business term that implies if enough people come together, a "critical mass" is reached and the thing that they imagine becomes reality. Can you say, "Tower of Babel" anyone?]

Together, let’s P.U.S.H – Pray Until Something Happens!

[That’s biblical? — PUSHing God around? — So evidently, fellow Latter Rain prophet Todd Bentley was not off the deep end after all when he said, "When God’s not moving, I move God."

Note: the use of "PUSH" also refers to the Latter-Rain belief and practice that God is "birthing" something through their efforts—and so when in times of trance-like prayer and prophetic "intercession" they often "push" and groan (physically and audibly) in a squatting position, like a pregnant woman in final labor.]

For more information about Convergence ’08, visit or to register click here.

Cindy Jacobs
Generals International

[I haven’t checked her website yet, but perhaps they’re scheduling a drum circle to open the heavens as well (pack your congas or bongos just in case!)

For those who think I’m simply being sarcastic, this is no joke — professing Christians in the Latter Rain movement regularly engage in shamanistic drum and shofar rituals to establish and/or open various heavenly "gates" or "gateways" (spiritual portals) around the country…


Again, where is this practice given to us in the Bible? Where is it modeled by Christ, by Paul, and by the early church?

Note: Gateway has removed any reference to the drum circles — but many false prophets of the Latter Rain frequent there, including Paul Cain, Randy DeMain, and Jeff Jansen, who recounts a number of Angel stories similar to those of Todd Bentley, including appearances of "Emma" and at least one other female angel.]



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