Quoting Brian McLaren

"Why are so many religious people arguing about the origin of the [human] species, but so few are concerned about the extinction of the species?" —Brian McLaren

Well, for one, Brian, some of us actually believe God’s promises for the world and believe He will fulfill those promises.

…The God of the Bible promised that Israel would occupy the Land of Promise FOREVER with all other nations as vassal states in relation to her as a suzerain, with King Jesus ruling over her from Jerusalem. That is just one eschatological theme. It is unthinkable that anyone would disbelieve God’s promises or could disbelieve that He would fulfill them by suggesting that humanity or any other thing might destroy human life on earth. Such arrogance!

Read Doc’s full response to Brian McLaren in The Arrogance of Humanity Destroying Human Life posted on the LTW blog here.

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